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Character Builds / Re: Brainstorming an Ur-Priest Mystic Theurge
« on: May 24, 2021, 06:37:17 AM »
Generally I recommend something like Bard/Ur-Priest/Sublime Chord, since Ur-Priest builds caster level off of other classes's caster levels.

It's an NWN limitation, nothing we can do about it.

As for Ur-Priest dual nines, I recommend Bard/Ur-Priest/Sublime Chord.

Look in your class radial.

Prestige Classes / Re: Forsaker
« on: May 22, 2021, 11:40:06 AM »
Anything with an item property, and any spell or supernatural ability (Incarnum, Psionics, Binding all count). ToB may or may not, some are supernatural some are extraordinary.

You can use power attack and you get the two handed damage.

General Discussion / Re: PRC 4.1.2 is Here!
« on: May 19, 2021, 08:34:38 AM »
Bariaur, Hybsil races (by barmlot)
Wildren race
Winterhide Shifter trait
Eagle Claw weapon (by zae)
Basin of Deadly Dust encounter area

Switched Baelnorn stat gain to new EE function
Switched Lich stat gain to new EE function
Added new weapons to ToB Discipline Weapon list
Added new weapons to Swordsage Discipline Focus
Added new weapons to Warblade Weapon Aptitude
Added Blighters gaining caster level boost from ex-Druid levels
Fixed requirements for Tenebrous Apostate
Fixed TLK for Tenebrous Apostate
Fixed Heart of Fire Totem bind not applying fire damage
Fixed Totemist occasionally getting free binds
Fixed Restoration, etc., occasionally removing Vestiges and Melds
Made Incarnate Avatar more reliable
Fixed Hathran getting too many cohorts
Fixed Binding switch error
Fixed certain classes being unable to access Shadowbane Stalker/Inquisitor
Fixed Incarnum information not clearing all the time
Added new weapons to Weapon Master (by barmlot)
Fixed Wemic being the wrong size
Added weapon proficiency feats for new weapons
Fixed Shadowbane Stalker tlk issue
Fixed resting breaking when saving/loading during the cooldown
Fixed falchion and maul not being dual-wieldable with the appropriate feats
Fixed grappling occasionally getting into a state where it would do nothing

They all work.

General Discussion / Re: So what's new!
« on: May 14, 2021, 06:15:49 AM »

General Discussion / Re: So what's new!
« on: May 12, 2021, 09:50:34 AM »
We removed a lot of non-WotC content some years ago, yes.

And by and large not much has changed in terms of what we can do, although we've added Shadowcasting, Incarnum, Binding, and Weapons of Legacy since you last checked in, as well as a bunch more other content.

In general, we're much more active on the Discord these days than here on the forums, although I keep an eye out.

Help / Re: How to use psionics?
« on: April 18, 2021, 10:34:37 AM »
They're on your class radial where feats are located. Psionics do not use the spellbook as they are not spells.

Help / Re: Noob Help - Removing +ECl from levelling up
« on: April 06, 2021, 01:01:11 PM »
Q7.) I get almost no experience!
A7.) Your level adjustment might be really high. Toggle one of these switches_
PRC_XP_USE_SIMPLE_RACIAL_HD        - Allows you to take racial hit die levels.
PRC_XP_USE_SIMPLE_LA            - Controls your level adjustment. Makes it hard to gain xp.
PRC_ECL_USES_XP_NOT_HD            - Switches between whether you use XP or level to determine level adjustment reduction.
PRC_XP_USE_SIMPLE_RACIAL_HD_NO_FREE_XP    - If set to 1, you have to get experience to level up and take hit dice as if they were levels.
PRC_XP_INCLUDE_RACIAL_HIT_DIE_IN_LA    - Adds your racial hit die to your level adjustment until you gain the hit dice.

General Discussion / Re: PRC 4.1.1 is Here!
« on: April 01, 2021, 07:21:12 AM »
PRC 4.1.1
Ur-Priest prestige class
Spell Focus (Alignment) feat

Switched Weapons of Legacy HP penalty to new EE function
Switched Crusader Delayed Damage pool to new EE function
Switched Alienist stat gain to new EE function
Switched Warchief stat gain to new EE function
Switched Acolyte of the Skin stat gain to new EE function
Switched Battlerager stat gain to new EE function
Removed incorrect Battlerager TLK entries
Corrected Dragon Devotee requirements
Switched Dragon Devotee stat gain to new EE function
Switched Eye of Gruumsh stat gain to new EE function
Switched Frostmage stat gain to new EE function
Switched Mighty Contender of Kord stat gain to new EE function
Fixed Blighter spell gain table
Added Blighter to epic spellcasting checks
Removed LA from Half-Drow
Fixed Greater Shadow Evocation mystery so it now shows all 6th level spells
Switched Cultist of the Shattered Peak to new EE spellbook
Fixed Pseudonatural Elder Water Elementals appearing as naked dwarves
Fixed Zceryll having a naked dwarf fixation above a certain binder level
Fixed Alienist Extra Summoning ability summoning nothing
Switched Nentyar Hunter to new EE spellbook
Fixed Rangers having levelling problems from 3.5 Two-Weapon Fighting
Switched Telflammar Shadowlord to new EE spellbook
Fixed Nentyar Hunter to grant all applicable weapon proficiencies
Switched Slayer of Domiel to new EE spellbook
Switched Sohei to new EE spellbook
Switched Vassal of Bahamut to new EE spellbook
Switched Blackguard to new EE spellbook
Switched Knight of the Chalice to new EE spellbook
Switched Knight of the Middle Circle to new EE spellbook
Removed incorrect spells from Knight of the Middle Circle
Switched Eye of Gruumsh to Bioware Blindsight
Switched Soldier of Light to new EE spellbook
Switched Ocular Adept to new EE spellbook
Added domains to Ocular Adept
Fixed Ocular Adept requirements
Added Corrupt spells to Blighter list
Switched Blighter to new EE spellbook
Removed incorrect spells from Healer list
Switched Healer to new EE spellbook
Switched Shaman to new EE spellbook

General Discussion / Re: PRC 4.1.0 is Here!
« on: March 25, 2021, 02:50:52 PM »
Base Classes:

Prestige Clases:
Anima Mage, Tenebrous Apostate, Knight of the Sacred Seal (by barmlot), Scion of Dantalion

Amon, Aym, Leraje, Naberius, Ronove, Dahlver-Nar, Haagenti, Malphas, Savnok, Andromalius, Focalor, Karsus, Paimon, Agares, Andras, Arete, Astaroth, Buer, Eurynome, Tenebrous, Acererak, Balam, Dantalion, Geryon, Otiax, Chupoclops, Haures, Ipos, Shax, Zagan, Vanus, The Triad, Desharis, Zceryll, Eligor, Marchosias, Ashardalon, Halphax, Orthos, Abysm

Bind Vestige, Expel Vestige, Favored Vestige, Favored Vestige Focus, Ignore Special Requirements, Improved Bind Vestige, Improved Binding, Practiced Binder, Rapid Pact Making, Rapid Recovery, Skilled Pact Making


Varag race
Favored of the Zulkirs feat
Gaseous Form spell
11 new weapons from DM Heatstroke, including all weapon feats

Hexblade Swift Cast and Curse now have the correct uses per day
Extaminaar and Blooded One tlk errors fixed
Shadowcrafted items are removed at the end of the duration
Shadow Adept Shield of Shadows has correct bonus type
Module Updater is now more reliable
Psi-likes no longer require a minimum ability score to manifest
Warforged Juggernaut's Superior Bull Rush no longer triggers for every character
Fixed damage decrease effects after Jasperre found a NWN bug
Song of Discord now extends to the full duration
Tempest no longer needs to meet the ITWF requirements
Practiced Manifester no longer screws up max power level learnable
New weapons added to Insightful Strike (by barmlot)
Legacies no longer spam debug messages without debug on
Ectoplasmic Cocoon now targets the right people (by Cypren)
Fighting Defensively is no longer considered a hostile action
Astral Construct damage reduction now applies properly (by Cypren)
Boost Construct feat restored to functionality (by Cypren)
Ubiquitous Vision gives immunity to flanking (by Cypren)
Psionic Shot description now has correct requirements
Shou Disciple can now wear light armor (by NateE)
Kruthik Claws now grant 1d6 claws instead of 1d4

Help / Re: PRC + Dynamic Kobold Models
« on: March 19, 2021, 06:32:30 PM »
Means the textures aren't being referenced properly for them. That's beyond what I do with NWN though.

Help / Re: PRC + Dynamic Kobold Models
« on: March 12, 2021, 02:46:44 PM »
You'll need to move the appearance line to something not used by the base game. Sounds like there's a collision

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