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I'm no coder, but if the source code is available, would that allow PRC to be integrated directly into the game?

Yes, in principle that and more is possible.

However, the main goal is to make game run as it originally did.

Further modifications I would allow, but using some kind of configuration that makes it optional. I'm not sure yet how that needs to works.

If things can change so much, also makes me wonder if integrating some Pathfinder modifications would be a welcome addition, mainly imagining things from the game Pathfinder Kingmaker

That, however, is difficult. Not from a technical standpoint, but a legal one.

The rules of Pathfinder (both first and second editions) are fair game, that is covered by the OGL. But you are not allowed to claim Pathfinder compatibility, because that would run afoul of the Pathfinder trademark. Paizo's Community Use Policy allows for the usage of the "Pathfinder" mark for certain things, but not video games.

Using anything of Pathfinder's setting, including the Inner Sea region, established names and other "product identity" entities, is completely out of the question. That also includes all Adventure Paths, of course, like Kingmaker.

I seem to have misunderstood, the Xeros project seem to aim at re-implementing existing games by porting over the content, but seems quite unfinished.

Eh, that's not...really what we're doing. We're not porting over content, we recreate the engines. Basically, we replace the EXE file.

But yes, it is quite unfinished. This is a massive undertaking and I need way more people work on this.

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