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Help / Re: personal_switch.2da doesn't work?
« Latest: by Fatjohn on July 29, 2020, 07:51:30 PM »
There is some confusion here.  I do have the game from Steam, but I downloaded the mod in an archive from the NWVault around a week before the latest version was posted.  I have not updated it in my game.  I only mentioned the update in case the fact that I am using the previous version was relevant.  I'm sorry for the confusion.  I installed the mod following the instructions, using the appropriate module updater program included in the archive, then after playing around with the game for a bit I opened the personal_switch.2da from the archive, changed a few switches, and saved it to override.  I didn't even realize there was an update until I started looking for an answer to this problem.
Help / Re: personal_switch.2da doesn't work?
« Latest: by Stratovarius on July 29, 2020, 01:06:29 PM »
The update would have overwritten your changes. We don't recommend using Steam Workshop as a result. The Vault link is much more in line with how NWN is designed.

The PRC automatically reads in the switches when starting a new module. You only need to force update when changing things on a saved game.
General Discussion / Re: Merging PRC and CEP in stock campaigns
« Latest: by Fatjohn on July 26, 2020, 05:41:52 PM »
Thank you for the reply.  I got bored and just added the cep core haks just to see what would happen, and it doesn't seem to be causing problems.  The modded visual effects and robes didn't work, but it did seem to let me use the new models for custom items.

By the way, the personal_switch.2da wasn't working before I tried this.
Help / Re: personal_switch.2da doesn't work?
« Latest: by Fatjohn on July 26, 2020, 05:26:17 PM »
Thank you for the reply.  I searched both the Steam and Documents folders and there is only one copy of the file, the one I put in Override.  I did double check that it had my changes.  Now, I noticed that apparently I downloaded the mod a few days before an update.  I'm using v39.  Was this a known bug?

Just to be sure, because I'm not as sharp as I was twenty years ago, to use it in game I go to the radial menu and select: special abilities, class, prc options, alter code switches, read personal_switch.2da and set switches based on its content, exit.
General Discussion / Re: Merging PRC and CEP in stock campaigns
« Latest: by Stratovarius on July 25, 2020, 10:00:55 AM »
It needs a proper merge. There's folks on discord who can help.
Help / Re: personal_switch.2da doesn't work?
« Latest: by Stratovarius on July 25, 2020, 10:00:15 AM »
You likely have two copies, one buried deeply on a steam folder. It's overwriting your changes.
General Discussion / Merging PRC and CEP in stock campaigns
« Latest: by Fatjohn on July 22, 2020, 12:33:12 AM »
I like to create custom items and drop them into override, and I really want CEP's additional resources.  The merged files on the vault are out of date and I don't have the knowledge to do it myself.  If there are no up to date merged files, is there a way to add the necessary CEP haks to the modules just for the models, icons, and visual effects without merging anything?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Help / personal_switch.2da doesn't work?
« Latest: by Fatjohn on July 22, 2020, 12:25:46 AM »
I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, but the personal_switch.2da included in the archive doesn't seem to work.  I modified a few switches and put it into override, but when I tell the game to read the personal_switch.2da through the radial menu, it has no effect. Is a specific program necessary to edit 2da's?  I've been using notepad++.  Is there something else I'm doing wrong?
General Discussion / Re: PRC 3.9.0 is here!
« Latest: by Stratovarius on July 15, 2020, 08:32:00 AM »
Ironsoul Forgemaster, Soulcaster, Totem Rager (by barmlot), Umbral Disciple prestige classes
9 new mysteries, 18 new Shadowcasting feats
Spiker race by barmlot
Incarnum Spellshaping feat
Arik's Vengeance, Blackrazor, Sunsword Weapons of Legacy
3.5 TWF now has 3.5 requirements as well
Flails and Whips now have their bonuses to Disarm
Kobold and Goblin have correct move speeds
Multiple minor fixes from Pstemarie
Sharp Shadows now only applies in melee range and has correct bonus
Marshal's Art of War aura now applies the proper bonus
Bolster mystery can now target other creatures
Asherati no longer get stuck due to Heat Endurance
Added switches to allow turning off of Law of Resistance and Law of Sequence
Can now exit Meld Binding conversation when no binds available
Resting restrictions now trigger on completing rest rather than beginning one
Fixes to some incarnum feats
Firebrand now has the correct number of arrows
Extended Rage no longer applies Con bonuses
Intimidating Rage no longer has incorrect duration
Base Classes / Re: Shaman no spells!
« Latest: by barmlot on May 29, 2020, 04:19:07 PM »
Are you looking in the class radial for your spells? All PRC classes use the class radial for spells, not the spellbook menu.
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