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General Discussion / multiplayer servers?
« Latest: by dclee on February 19, 2021, 01:09:52 AM »
any PRC multiplayer servers out there?
doing the campaign again isn't an option due to the issues warlocks  etc have

just wondering whats around these days if anything
Help / Re: PRCModuleUpdater fails to complete patch
« Latest: by Stratovarius on February 18, 2021, 07:39:50 PM »
Drop by the discord and look for Nate E, he's been testing a solution to this issue but hasn't finalized it yet.
Help / PRCModuleUpdater fails to complete patch
« Latest: by Belthil on February 14, 2021, 08:44:22 AM »

I hope I am not asking about something that has already been answered, but the only relevant posts are about 2-3 years old and mostly stating that the Updater can't find the directory for NWN EE, which from what I see now is not the case (though I do have to manually navigate there).

I have moved all relevant files as instructed in the Documents directory and the modules I've tried to patch are in the install directory. I run the PRCModuleUpdater (have tried running as Admin as well), it decompresses and begins to perform some actions, but it fails at various stages. I have NWN EE installed on 2 different PCs, on both it either fails on "Checking for overwrites"or it manages to proceed to find conflicts and once I continue it proceeds to "Setting module properties for ..." but just ends there without performing any changes. Overall I haven't been able to patch any module, (I initially tried a larger module, but now I'm only trying to get Contest of Champions patched before moving on).

I guess I should point out that I have a somewhat "hacky" installation (the NWN Documents directory is outside of the Documents folder but referred to by junctions), but the Toolset and the game work as they should and the updater lists both .hif files and all modules in the installation directory.
General Discussion / Re: PRC 4.0.0 is Here!
« Latest: by Stratovarius on February 03, 2021, 02:34:22 PM »
Quickspur's Ally weapon of legacy
Shield Bash combat maneuver
Improved Shield Bash, Shield Specialization, Shield Ward, Agile Shield Fighter, Focused Shield, Shield Charge, Shield Slam, Shieldmate, Improved Shieldmate, Parrying Shield, Shielded Casting, Shield Dwarf Warder feats
Phantom Steed spell
Astral Vambraces, Charming Veil, Psion's Eyes, Psion-Killer Mask, Psychic Focus, Elder Spirit, Dragon Mantle, Claws of the Wyrm, Dragon Tail, Dragonfire Mask melds
Psychokinetic weapon enhancement (by barmlot)

Oversized Two Weapon Fighting now applies to the right weapon size
Using instant investing no longer can exceed max possessed essentia
Added descriptors and subschools to all Psionic powers
Spinemeld Warriors can now bind melds
Multiclass meldshapers will no longer error if one class has 0 binds available
Multiclass meldshapers can now invest essentia into their melds from all their classes
Psions no longer have a 17.3 error
Draconic Aura Vigor is now correct
Incandescent Champion TLK references corrected
Incandescent Champion abilities more reliable
Archmage Change Elements now works on spells cast from spellbook, rather than spells cast from items
Mantle of Flame now only works on melee attackers
Can no longer cast spells while scrying
Polar Ray now has the correct spell school
Dark Speech now works
Disarm is now considered a hostile act
Ironsoul Forgemaster Weapon Bond now works with ammoed weapons
Help / create custom classes for PRC
« Latest: by Belgar on January 29, 2021, 01:33:02 PM »
Hi everyone.
i read through and i got a question or two if thats ok with you.

in the 2nd post of this thread, pscythe wrote a wonderful post with much help for creating a custom class. But:

i am planning to create a class which fits into the prc. And i have to include a new spellbook or two.
The idea is: there is one new category of spells: unique spells, which will have new spells (10 of them).

the 2nd category shall be similar to divine spells ( just different name), with the exception that i just wanna take a few spells of the levels 0-9. for example level 0 shall have 4 spells and the other ones (which normally are part of divine spells) arent even listed to be selected so that i can try to balance out things. i dont wanna take the preset divine spells used by the druid, because they would be too much and it wouldn't be balanced out which is a thing i will try later as good as I can but first, i need to take care of two problems described in this post and summed up below.

the 3rd and last category is similar to arcane spells (just different name again) and just like with divine spells, i wanna take only 4 spells out of lv. 0 and only those are availabe so that only those 4 are selectable and visible and usable. the class shall not know the other spells at all.

of course i did take a look at pscythes post and the nwn wikia is incredibly helpful, but

1. it only explains the base nwn things if i read correctly. because in the prc.2da hak file there is a classes.2da file which has other colums not explained in the wikia. And thats exactly problem number 1. if there would be a wikia which describes the prc versions and the new / unknown colums, there would be no problem at all because all i would have to do is read and learn without having to write these posts and depending on others to help me. i like it more of course to do my thing without others having to help me. plus, i wanna do this new class for everyone , too aside from myself naturally. so is there a homepage which describes everything from the prc files so that i know how to handle a 2da file and its values, colums and even if i can add colums without the game causing bluescreens and without the pc having to go boom ? =)

2. problem number 2 would be: i did take a look at the column "PreReqTable" in the classes.2da of the prc_2das hak file. and i read the entry "CLS_PRES_DRU" for example. (no problem so far, because it is obvious what it means and the file is present in the prc_2das hak file so that i can continue working) then i did take a look at the file by opening it with the standard editor and i read, that it is handled by a script variable which should be a seperate nss file named "PRC_AllowDruid", right? but i cannot find this file anywhere in the prc_scripts hak file. so i dont know where to find the neccessary files to continue working on the class.

can someone please help me out here ? i am very sure i could handle a class which uses spells , even if i am a beginner, as long as I have enough resources to learn from which give me 100% accurate information on all steps and problems so that everything is only a matter of learning and doing so that I wont have missing files or missing info on colums or other important needed things.
General Discussion / Re: PRC 4.0.0 is Here!
« Latest: by Stratovarius on January 27, 2021, 08:09:13 PM »
Incarnum Blade, Witchborn Binder prestige classes
Marrusault race
Gravetouched Ghoul template

Epic Incarnum Content:
Epic Incarnate, Soulborn, Totemist
Bonus Soulmeld, Epic Essentia, Extra Chakra Bind, Open Heart Chakra, Open Soul Chakra, Rapid Meldshaping, Rebind Soulmeld

Marrulurk now grants light armor proficiency
Furious Charge racial prereqs fixed
Double Chakra no longer allows double chakra binds, only shapes
Necrocarnum Circlet Crown Bind now cleans up properly
Totem Rager DR now functions properly
Persistent arrays now function again
General Discussion / Re: PRC 4.0.0 is Here!
« Latest: by Stratovarius on January 24, 2021, 08:43:13 AM »
Necrocarnate prestige class
Necrocarnum Touch, Necrocarnum Vestments, Necrocarnum Weapon, Soulspark Familiar melds
Necrocarnum Acolyte, Open Least Chakra, Open Lesser Chakra, Open Greater Chakra, Split Chakra, Undead Meldshaper, Double Chakra, Expanded Soulmeld Capacity feats
Blast of Force spell (by Tenjac)
Corrosive and Screaming craft enchantments (by barmlot)

Necrocarnum Mantle now grants the right feat
Necrocarnum Shroud calls the correct meld script
Factotum and Incarnum classes can now pass tests in the Prelude (by barmlot)
Mantle of Flame meld is more reliable
Incarnate Weapon meld is more player friendly
Incarnum Binding and Essentia conversations are more player friendly
Descriptions for Necrocarnum melds now points to the correct melds
Necrocarnum Weapon now calls the right script
Aligned Soulmeld rules are now implemented for Incarnate and Soulborn
Touch of Fatigue now points to the right description
Totem Embodiment now references the correct ability modifier
Necrocarnum Circlet has adjusted summons
Weapon Focus and Improved Critical Dwarven War Axe can now be taken by dwarves with martial weapon proficiency
Ironsoul Forgemasters can now have two names
Builders / Re: NWX:EE Question
« Latest: by Stratovarius on January 24, 2021, 08:42:50 AM »
PRC does not use NWNX at all these days, no.
Builders / NWX:EE Question
« Latest: by DM Heatstroke on January 20, 2021, 07:23:23 AM »
Hey everyone, I'm back.  Planning on putting together another PW.  Gamma World instead of Dark Sun this time, but I'm using the PRC as a framework.

I can't seem to find a read me or the PRC manual anymore?  Can someone point me in the right direction?

And to be clear, the PRC *doesn't* require any NWNX:EE switches, right?


EDIT: Nevermind, got this sorted.
General Discussion / Re: PRC 4.0.0 is Here!
« Latest: by Stratovarius on January 18, 2021, 09:18:05 AM »
Bones of Li Peng, Bullybasher's Gauntlets, Coral's Bite, Infiltrator, Lorestealer, Durindana, Thaas weapons of legacy
Power Throw feat
Hallow, Desecrate spells

Cleaned minor issues with Weapons of Legacy
Desecrate (TN) now allows extra animated undead
Mithral armor now applies to Climb and Balance skills
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