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Difficulty becoming Shifter (PNP)


So I am playing a Human Wizard and I have difficulties meeting the requirements for the Shifter PNP class.

I have Alertness, Endurance taken at level 1 (by using the Character Creator), and I take Polymorph Self at level 7.

Then at level 8 the option to become a Shifter is still grayed out.

Can anyone help or suggest a solution?

My current alternative is to pick a different race but besides the Changeling or maybe the Shifter race, but I feel the others are a little overpowered for my liking as I am playing the Original Campaign.

I've been able to replicate the bug. I could enter the class as a level 8 wizard... I guess you just need to wait one more level...

Alright, well me tests seems to be a tad random to what level I could become a Shifter, but that may also be that I was levelling and delevelling in one instance without restarting the module.

At least its not just me being completely daft, thank you.

Usually resting can fix such bugs, I tried casting polymorph self after becoming level 7 and resting, but to no avail. Maybe reloading the module would help, who knows? ;)

For classes qualifying for PnP shifter via casting Polymorph Self, the PRC checks to see if you are *currently capable of casting it* - i.e. have at least one instance of it memorized and ready to go.

So when leveling, have one or more instances of Polymorph Self ready to go; You may need to rest (I think logging on and off will work too) to ensure the PRC/NWN recognizes the spell as ready.


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