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Warlock/Shifter pnp "fixed"


Well, after realizing that I could NOT make my 'hellfire chicken' I decided to do a little mod'ing to the prc (:

Took a bit of work as the NWN1 toolset just up and choked when I tried to recompile prc_prereq.nss.  Even AFTER I added in the rest of the .haks to the module  :(

So off to the vault I went to get the more advanced script compiler.  I already have the nwn2 one, at that is sweet as it works right in the toolset  :-*

But after making a few .bats and of course a small change to the source , I am all good to go.  I can now take pnp shifter after 6 levels of warlock. YIPPIE.  The sweet thing is, if he/she takes the shape shift invocation, it don't matter which race either.

I'm probably NOT going to play a Naz. Rak.  since that just seems waaaaaay OP.  I mean w/6d6 sneak attack, who NEEDS any levels of anything  ::)

I think I'll make a brownie or a pixie , i'm rather fond of them.

Cheers to anybody who actually still reads these forum.  If u want my code snippet to 'fix' the warlock, let me know.  its only one line.

ThE LoSt BoY:
Naz Rak OP?  :o  No way.  8)

What was the HF chicken build?

Actually I am doing my 'Hellfire Chicken' now...  Been playing a few hours..  I'll post info in the character builds forum.


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