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Author Topic: Missing TLK file  (Read 267 times)

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October 19, 2019, 09:25:07 PM

Hi All-

First a disclaimer- I'm a complete newb on modding, and am having some difficulty interpreting the various files, utilities, etc. that are mentioned here and elsewhere.  I could use a little hand holding, or maybe pointing me to the 'kindergarten simple' guide to get up to speed. 

My issue- I believe I've loaded the files from the PRC according to the installation instructions, but when I load the game and attempt to start a new campaign, I get a "missing tlk file" error.  I haven't been able to figure out why- I do have the PRC's .tlk file in my \Neverwinter Nights\tlk folder.

Ultimately I'm just looking to play the game with the additional prestige classes y'all have created.  Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

October 20, 2019, 03:33:04 PM
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Drop by the discord's #install-help channel, we've got a few folks (they're in Yellow and Green colours), who help with exactly this problem.
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