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I'm trying to tweak the OA Samurai into PnP rules compliance (OA p. 21: The samurai must meet the minimum character level (including any prestige class levels) shown on the table) by switching Ancestral Daisho upgrade limitations from GetLevelByClass to simply GetHitDice(oPC).

Howver, even when I attempt to compile an unedited codi_s2_ancdaic.nss, I'm getting:
Message: prc_inc_nwscript.nss<63>: ERROR: UNKNOWN STATE IN COMPILER

Code: [Select]
// This line is here to prevent the bioware toolkit from
// throwing an exception over the number of constants in PRC
[b]const int BIOWARE_INHIBIT = !!0;[/b]

Any ideas on how to resolve this error?


Found this thread, trying out the solution within.


Huzzah, it worked.  Next up is adding a dialogue option to restore the value of the weapons to the sacrificed integer, and to destroy the weapons so that you can recreate them from scratch.

Help / Eldritch Blast and Touch AC
« on: July 22, 2011, 09:26:33 PM »
I'm playing a Catfolk Warlock in 3.5.  I finished up the OC as a level 15 Warlock with 20 base Dex +10 from equipment, and 10 BAB.  The minimum non-critical miss ranged touch attack roll for Eldritch Blast was 22, with the average being 30.  And I missed.  A shocking amount.
The mooks weren't much of a problem.  Named enemies/boss enemies seemed to have absurd Touch AC.  For most of them, I could only hit on a roll of 16 or better.   That's 16 + 10 + 10 = 36.

I'm seeing the same problem in Shadows of Undrentide.  Lowly named Kobolds are easily avoiding my respectable ranged touch attack rolls.

Is Eldritch Blast not actually acting as a Ranged Touch Attack?  Or might the problem be abnromally high touch AC?  My initial thought was that some bosses might be receiving a Dodge bonus to AC to make them harder to hit, especially because dodge bonuses stack with their other bonuses to AC.  It would have the unfortunate effect of making them very hard to tag with touch attacks.


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