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Help / Re: Why are my players not receiving XP for monster kills?
« on: May 23, 2020, 01:20:51 PM »
void CheckXPSwitches(object oModule)
    if(!GetLocalInt(oModule, PRC_XP_PC_PARTY_COUNT_x100))//player will get 0 xp for kills - we assume that the XP system was not setup
        SetLocalInt(oModule, PRC_XP_SLIDER_x100, 100);
        SetLocalInt(oModule, PRC_XP_GROUP_BONUS, 10);
        SetLocalInt(oModule, PRC_XP_PC_PARTY_COUNT_x100, 100);
        SetLocalInt(oModule, PRC_XP_DOMINATED_PARTY_COUNT_x100, 50);
        SetLocalInt(oModule, PRC_XP_HENCHMAN_PARTY_COUNT_x100, 50);
        SetLocalInt(oModule, PRC_XP_UNKNOWN_PARTY_COUNT_x100, 50);
        SetLocalInt(oModule, PRC_XP_SUMMONED_PARTY_COUNT_x100, 30);
        SetLocalInt(oModule, PRC_XP_FAMILIAR_PARTY_COUNT_x100, 10);
        SetLocalInt(oModule, PRC_XP_ANIMALCOMPANION_PARTY_COUNT_x100, 10);
        SetLocalInt(oModule, PRC_XP_MUST_BE_IN_AREA, 1);
        SetLocalInt(oModule, PRC_XP_MAX_PHYSICAL_DISTANCE, 100);
    if(!GetLocalInt(oModule, PRC_XP_MAX_LEVEL_DIFF))
        SetLocalInt(oModule, PRC_XP_MAX_LEVEL_DIFF, 5);

This script right here seems to be the culprit but I cant remove it or edit it without PRC having a major conniption.

Help / Why are my players not receiving XP for monster kills?
« on: May 23, 2020, 12:51:16 PM »
I'm in the process of reworking Avermere to run with PRC to start a new persistent server. The problem is that after applying the PRC my players are reporting that they are no longer receiving xp for any of their kills. After digging into the script for a while I found one that says effectively players will not get xp for their kills.

Is there a way to stop this script from running so that we can keep the PRC but still receive xp for monster kills?

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