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I'm trying to tweak the OA Samurai into PnP rules compliance (OA p. 21: The samurai must meet the minimum character level (including any prestige class levels) shown on the table) by switching Ancestral Daisho upgrade limitations from GetLevelByClass to simply GetHitDice(oPC).

Howver, even when I attempt to compile an unedited codi_s2_ancdaic.nss, I'm getting:
Message: prc_inc_nwscript.nss<63>: ERROR: UNKNOWN STATE IN COMPILER

Code: [Select]
// This line is here to prevent the bioware toolkit from
// throwing an exception over the number of constants in PRC
[b]const int BIOWARE_INHIBIT = !!0;[/b]

Any ideas on how to resolve this error?


Found this thread, trying out the solution within.


Huzzah, it worked.  Next up is adding a dialogue option to restore the value of the weapons to the sacrificed integer, and to destroy the weapons so that you can recreate them from scratch.

Sorry, that was something else before being scrapped.  I thought Ultimate Ranger was the Ultimate Ranger from the "Ultimate" homebrew series.  The OGC was just referring to wiki license compatibility.  The PRC pack has a ton of Closed Content.

WotC released very little* outside the core as Open Game Content (OGC), so if it's exotic and on the dandwiki, it's almost certainly homebrew.  (Even a lot of errata to OGC ended up closed content.)

Scrap that.  Where DOES Ultimate Ranger come from?

Soulshaper is actually incarnum flavored in its other half.  (See ).  It's also incomplete.  Incarnum as a whole would be fairly cool, and I don't think overly difficult to implement if you're willing to streamline soulmelding, but it's still a fairly large undertaking.  You'd probably want to script the official incarnum-using base classes first.

Invoker isn't subsantially different from warlock, but trades the infernal heritage flavored class features for bonus feats to improve blasting.  Hmm.  That's a notion.  Developing a framework for the implementation of alternate class features.

Alternate Magic Systems / Re: Epic Psionics?
« on: May 24, 2012, 08:19:42 PM »
In feat.2da inv_eldrtchdoom is referencing a TGA file.  The impact script for Eldritch Doom (spell.2da #18142) is inv_eldtch_shape.

Ha, yeah, that's the icon. -_-
Was getting flustered at that point.

The Blast DC is calculated in inv_eldritch_shape.nss on line 62

Code: [Select]
int nDC = 10 + nBlastLvl + GetAbilityModifier(ABILITY_CHARISMA);
Hope that helps you out. :D

Hmm...  Due to the section heading, I thought the references to blast shape level in there were solely for the calculation of the DC of the essence effect.  I suppose since both are keyed off of the greater of the essence and blast shape level, and the outcome should always be equal in the absence of some obscure effect, it would be silly to make a separate section.

Ok, thanks!

Alternate Magic Systems / Re: Epic Psionics?
« on: May 24, 2012, 02:36:13 AM »
Don't overwhelm him guys. :D

Sure wish I could script up to PRC standards. :(

I've only really scripted for NWN2, which I understand has most of the same functions.  I can cobble together things for myself, but I don't even know where to begin with something as large and complex as the prc pack.

But it wouldn't hurt to take a look, I suppose.  I mean, in theory, even as enormous and overwhelming as the PRC scripts are, the manual has documentation, and all of the tools and scripts necessary to implement what I've mentioned should already exist where I need them, more or less.  I'll try it and see.

Starting with the simplest, Ability Focus should end up being,

Append line to cls_feat_warlok.2da:
#  FEAT_ABILITY_FOCUS_ELDRITCH_BLAST                      ####      0    -1             0

Where # is sequential position, and #### is the assigned feat ID, depending on reserve feat ranges.  (Edit - All classes with a pre-req of Eldritch Blast makes more sense, I guess.)

Append line to Feat.2da:
#     Ability Focus (Eldritch Blast)                           StRefNameStrRefDesc  ife_foc_spel      ****           ****   ****   ****   ****   ****   ****   ****        ****        ****        0            0            0                ****     ****  ****    ****      1       ****       ****       ****       ****       ****       ****       ****       ****       ****     ****             ****      ****                FEAT_ABILITY_FOCUS_(ELDRITCH_BLAST)            5               ****        ****     ****          ****     ****        0          1       

Where # is both the assigned feat ID and sequential position, depending on reserved ranges.

Append bolded line to inv_eldrtch_glv.nss, inv_eldtch_blast.nss, inv_eldtch_chain.nss, and inv_eldtch_shape.nss scripts and compile:

    //calculate DC for essence effects

Aaaaand, now I'm stumped.  I can't find inv_eldrtchdoom.nss or any of the other area shape blast scripts referenced in feats.2da, nor can I find anything in inv_eldtch_shape.nss to determine how blast Reflex save DC is calculated.  I've tried looking through the include scripts for spell hooking as well, but no luck.

If I can figure this out and determine what ranges are open for use, the meta-spell like ability feats are only slightly more complicated in practice to implement*.  I'll compile, test, and debug Ability Focus at that point, and if it works, script the meta spell-like ability feats, compile, test, and debug those, polish up the scripts, and post the whole shebang for review.

*Except for the whole warlock caster level prerequisite thing.  I assume that can only be properly handled by the leveling script that delevels you when you don't meet prerequisites that are more complex than the default engine is prepared for?

Alternate Magic Systems / Re: Epic Psionics?
« on: May 23, 2012, 05:13:38 PM »
The Epic Insights feature article implies that Epic invocations may exist by repeatedly referring to non-Epic invocations in contrast, but to the best of my knowledge, no official material ever offers either specific epic invocations, or a system for developing them like epic spellcasting.

If you're considering adding more options for the warlock, though, any chance of the Chasubles of Fell Power from Complete Arcane and the Metaspell-like ability feats?  They're not epic exclusive, but they'd add some oomph when you need it most.  Details below for convenience.

Metaspell like abilities are implied as eligible for Eldritch Blast on page 81 of Complete Arcane under Maximize Spell-like ability.

Empower Eldritch Blast (SRD)- +50% to blast damage, 3/day.  (minimum Warlock caster level 6th to take)
Heighten Eldritch Blast (CA 80)- +2 to effective spell level (thus increasing save DC by +2) 3/day (minimum Warlock caster level 6th to take)
Maximize Eldritch Blast (CA 81)- Maximized blast damage, 3/day.  (minimum Warlock caster level 6th to take)
Quicken Eldritch Blast (SRD)- Blast as a swift action, 3/day.  (minimum Warlock caster level 10th to take)

There's also Ability Focus (SRD): Eldritch Blast listed as an option on page 7 (complete arcane) for +2 to its save DC.

Chasubles of Fell Power (complete arcane, p. 148) [Amulet item slot]:
Lesser - +1d6 damage to chaotic damaging spells and eldritch blasts (8000 gold)
Greater - +2d6 damage to chaotic damaging spells and eldritch blasts (18000 gold)
Requires Craft Wondrous Items feat and caster level 9th to craft; Must be able to cast Chaos Hammer or use Eldritch Blast: 4000 gold + 320 xp for lesser, 9000 gold + 720 xp for greater.

The chaotic damaging component is wholly ignorable.  There are no official Epic versions, but the progression could reasonably be extrapolated as ([7000 + 1000n]n for +nd6 damage).  Epic items typically cost a further 10x of the standard progression.

Minor Epic Chasuble of Fell Power - +3d6 damage to chaotic damaging spells and eldritch blasts (300000 gold)
Major Epic Chasuble of Fell Power - +4d6 damage to chaotic damaging spells and eldritch blasts (440000 gold)
Requires Craft Epic Wondrous Items feat and caster level 23rd to craft; Must be able to cast Chaos Hammer or use Eldritch Blast: 150000 gold + 12000 xp for lesser, 220000 gold + 17600 xp for greater.

For epic psionics, the seeds are the same, and Psions are capable of using all seeds.  All epic spells can accordingly be created as epic psionic powers with the only real changes being recalculating the psicraft DCs, and everything based off the psicraft DC.  You'd end up with flavor dissonance, but at least it'd be quick and officially rules compatible.

General Discussion / Re: PRC Manual
« on: April 04, 2012, 07:22:17 AM »
For anyone else who ends up with problems opening the manual, the issue can stem from a Windows security update that restricts the activity of help files originating from other computers due to a vulnerability in HTML Help:

If you trust the source, then the file can be unblocked by right-clicking it, selecting Properties, and hitting Unblock under the Security settings.

Help / Re: A few questions about PRC
« on: March 19, 2012, 07:19:19 PM »
The graphical rendering of your character wielding it as a one-handed weapon in those cases is merely an unintended side-effect of the workaround, I believe.  You should still get the +50% bonus to your strength modifier and power attack bonus.

Help / Re: A few questions about PRC
« on: March 18, 2012, 08:53:20 PM »
To the best of my knowledge, purely as a player:

On the proficiencies, you only get one specific weapon per feat spent.  A level in Fighter should net you either all martial weapon proficiency feats, or at least an equivalent feat that.  If you equip the weapon and no attack penalty icon appears beside your portrait, you're set.

On the one-handed two-handed weapons, it's a necessary workaround to allow wielding the weapons as one-handers.  Large races can effortlessly wield two-handed weapons intended for medium characters as one-handed weapons - but since the official content never included any large player races, the engine isn't equipped to handle such content.  Since the nwnprc pack includes both races and feats that allow that, the current workaround was implemented, with all weapons assigned as able to be equipped in one hand.

General Discussion / Re: OotS Kickstarter
« on: March 14, 2012, 01:44:23 AM »
It's slightly depressing.  Until the payments are finally deposited in his account, the physical Kickstarter rewards are at a stand-still, which means the Kickstarter page is rarely going to be updated with news of progress until that happens.

</2.5 months late to this party.>

General Discussion / Re: Waiting for 3.5 final~
« on: March 14, 2012, 01:38:55 AM »
Perhaps a PRC switch for a simple touch AC cap, defaulting to uncapped (current functionality)?  For most uses, simply setting it to 20-30 will allow you to beat enemies with ridiculous toolset AC values without affecting the rest of the game.

Spells, Feats, and Skills / Re: Tomb Tainted Soul
« on: January 20, 2012, 11:28:43 PM »
Storm of Zehir played more like a decent, well-developed proof of concept than a superb full game.  That is, I loved it  and consider it an amazing step up in pushing the boundaries of the game engine, but it was poorly polished with numerous bugs and inconveniences for the same reason.  Storm of Zehir was a tantalizing hint of how much more space there was to explore... and is currently a depressing reminder of how unwilling any company seems to be to explore that space.

It reminds me of Temple of Elemental Evil in that way.  Amazing proof of concept in that a very faithful implementation of PnP combat rules came out fun and challenging... but very unpolished and buggy.  And for some reason, despite ToEE having a surviving fan following who love it for its faithfulness, nobody wants to explore those possibilities.

Prestige Classes / Re: Arcane Hierophant abilities
« on: January 09, 2012, 11:50:38 PM »
As far as NWN goes, I'd consider the Channel abilities functionally equivalent to the "Reach Spell" metamagic feat effect outdoors.  If you've managed to script Greatreach Blast, it would make sense to adapt it for Arcane Hierophant, as well as Archmage and Hierophant.

Prestige Classes / Re: Psion Wizard Cerebremancer Spells Known
« on: December 12, 2011, 07:38:03 AM »
Yeah, I've personally always interpreted the bonus spells to be a part of the "other benefits" it says you don't get.

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