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Author Topic: A few items that would finish out my favorite two characters  (Read 3021 times)

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December 10, 2016, 09:28:25 AM

Storm Touch
Belker Claws
Bite of the Werebear
Swift Expeditious Retreat
Swift Fly
Blade of Blood
Electric Vengance, Greater
Primal spellset (spell compendium)
Lightning Ring
Effulgent Epiuration

Dreadful Wrath
Somatic Weaponry
Storm Bolt
Bloodspiked Charger
Combat Brute
Arcane Strike
Improved Buckler Defense
Improved Sunder

Maybe some of these are in there and I just missed them, and maybe some of these are impossible without modifying the engine. I don't know programming, but I know D&D and a little more than basic computer stuff. I've been talking to a few friends that might be able to join the consortium and one may even be able to add to the game engine to expand possibilities.

February 04, 2017, 04:03:45 PM
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Of those I think only Blade of Blood is in the game.
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