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Author Topic: Warlock / PnP shifter not working  (Read 2826 times)

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March 20, 2017, 11:04:40 PM
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I posted in the bugs forum, but figure i will mention here too.

I cant seem to get a Warlock to be eligible for pnp shifter.  He is a Naz Rak which by itself should open the pnp once he has the proper level of spell/invocation.  Also he selected the spider shape invocation which should ALSO make him eligible.  he does have both Endurance and Alertness, so that is not the problem either.

Hope somebody has some clues.

Thank you,

UPDATE: OK, I opened the source and found out I totes misunderstood.  'locks invokes do NOT count toward the 'level 3 spell' preq.  But the shape spell does count for the shape shifting preq.  So I would have to have level 3 of either arcane or cleric spells to add to it for it to work.  So id I take 6 or so levels of some caster as a Raz Nak, THEN I should be able to get my pnp and lock levels.  Think i may try that.

Yeah that worked.. But since i need a caster class before I can get my shifter there goes my idea of being a hellfire chicken  ;)  (which was the point of the whole idea...)

i still may just change the pnp shifter preq's to allow warlock invokes to count as level 3 spells.
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