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Author Topic: Hellfire Chicken (chp2)  (Read 2915 times)

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March 23, 2017, 04:12:50 AM
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So it seems that after gathering all the reagents for the cure her work is NOT done (who woulda thunk it HA HA)

Anyway, Helms Hold was not bad.  She managed to kill a bunch of fake Helmites and destroyed tons of undead and reached level 6.  After

clearing out the courtyard and first floor she had a nice conversation with the Gaurdian of Helm and talked him into giving her

another level (cough cough ... exploit).  So she was then able to take her 1st level as Shifter pnp.  Selected package #2.  And her

first shape is the Drow.  Perfect.  He comes with skill in long sword AND more important has medium (and heavy) armor skill.  Since

she already took the battle caster feat, she can wear a nice shiny chain shirt now as a drow and not worry about her invocations

fizzing out.  Yippie!

On to take care of that traitor Desther...

That boy in the basement is handy, sells some good buffing potions.  With a nice stock of bottles Desther and his small army of undead

proved to be easy.  I did NOT do that fight using warlock magic.  Instead she took advantage of her newly learned Drow shape. 

On to CHP2. 

I grabed all the usual quests and decided to deal with one of the warewolves 1st.  This got me to my next level which I took as

shifter.  My goal in this chapter is to gain enough shifter levels to learn the chicken shape (more on this later). 

After dealing with the wizard Wanev, a wolf named Silvernback and a few other odds and ends, I finally have level 3 shifter, which

allowed me to learn the CHICKEN.  Yes folks, my goal is eventually to be a chicken that blast everything in sight with hellfire (:

After all, potions of lesser restoration aint that expensive (:  Even though the manual says that only HELLFIRE SHIELD does

constitution dmg, I know that hellfire blast does too.  But that is besides the point.  Potions of endurance and the aformentioned

potions will make that constitution loss irrelavent.

Now to just level some more and get those HFW levels.

So I quested along mostly using Hogger.. Eh Hemm. I mean Dire Boar Shape which is my best melle at the moment.  And after a bunch of

quests and stuff e.i. Did the Neverwinter woods, Charwood etc . I finally went into the caves the archyolist sent me to.  And got my

1st level of HFW.  Woo woo I'm getting there.

On to more.. still need to finish this quest for an ancient book. Oh did I mention I picked up some of the books that crazy mage

wanted?  Also killed a few escaped prisoners and stuff.  Basically I'm doing everything in this chapter I can :)

Of course... I get into the 1st level of the creator ruins and OOPS get dazed by a minogon.. Luckily I had picked up a helm that

protected me from mind spells, I had just forgot to put it on.  After I came back to my senses I put that on my head.

After finishing the creator ruins and turning a bunch of quests I decided I have had enough of this area.  So i decided to just move


Aarin Gend sends me on to Luskan. I say o.k.  and head on my way... But I'm NOT sure I can't pick up a few XP along the way.

At this point I am 6/3/1 Warlock/Shifter/Hellfire and XP is 52,059. I know I left a FEW quest undone, and an ear left un cut. (:

So of course I got ambushed on the way north to the INN.  Ha ha, as a dire boar I smoked those turkeys.  And there was some stuff left

to do at the Inn.  After turning in another ear and stuff I decided to just go on to luskan.