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July 08, 2018, 05:34:00 AM
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The original PrC for old NWN doesn't work with the EE (or at least not without a lot of work).
But thankfully Plok made a version of the PrC specifically for the EE:

Got the source to compile into the appropriate .haks with the Enhanced Edition. Source is at:

Beamdog forums discussion:

There are some minor issues when creating a character, but as a whole it works really well.

Here are some of my experiences with the PrC for EE:
When you create a character the game always crashes, but it saves the character before it does and you can then use the "Select premade character" once you restarted the game. I've read about this from others too, so this seems to be a common (if not universal) issue.
Furthermore I have the issue that I have to make sure the C:\Users\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\database folder needs to be empty or the game will freeze if I start a new module. This is something I haven't seen anyone else talk about, so it might just be a problem on my end, but if you see your game freeze on the character selection screen, try this solution.

So for me the procedure of starting a new campaign is like this:
Create character
Game crashes
delete files out of database folder
start game
select module I want to play
use "Select premade character" to pick my previously made character.
Have Fun!

Loading existing save-games and transitioning between chapters of the same campaign works without issues, regardless of whether there is anything in the database folder or not.

Something else of note is that unlike in the old NWN, in the EE with this pack you have access to all Base classes and Races in the ingame character creator. The only things that the ingame CC can't do which the old Java CC could do is to give your character wings and tails and selecting your appearance independant of race. That means if you play for example a Pixie, you will have a Pixie as a model and you can't change that without external editors like Leto.

When you convert the official campaigns, you just need to make sure to start the patcher in administrator mode.

For modules I installed manually or got from the workshop the issue is a little more involved, but still quite simple.
Any module dumped into my documents\neverwinter nights\module folder needs a minor renaming (just adding a 1 or a or anything anywhere in the filename will do) or it will crash the patcher (I have no idea how or why, but that's how it works for me). You can remove this extra sign after the updater is finished.
The other issue is that the patcher can't find stuff you got from subscribing to a mod on the steam workshop. To convert those modules, you have to track the files down in your steam\steamapps\workshop\content folder (in my case the folder for Neverwinter Nights in there is "704450"), copy them over to the documents\neverwinter nights\module (and hak if the mod comes with .hak files) and convert them there and then copy them back to the workshop folder. The above issue solved with the temporary renaming applies here too.

I hope this wasn't too overwhelming.
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