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April 15, 2020, 08:42:01 AM

Magic of Incarnum
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Marrulurk, Warforged Charger, Neanderthal, Frost Folk, Uldra, Crucian (by barmlot), Flind Gnoll (by barmlot) races
Animal Trance, Touch of Fatigue, Detect Magic, and Blink spells
Awesome Blow, Oversized TWF feat
Cadence of the Thunder Drake now exists
Piercing cold (and a host of other abilities) no longer work on item cast spells
Fist of Raziel now gets Sanctify Martial Strike at the right level
Vassal of Bahamut gains his armour properly now
Disabled Ghostwise Halfling for being strictly worse to base halfling
Death attack behavior fixed for all applicable classes (Assassin, Telflammar Shadowlord, Black Flame Zealot, Justice of Weald and Woe)
Correct behavior of Prismatic X spells (by AshLancer)
HotU should no longer break templates taken before starting the campaign
Feral Gargun now has correct stat bonuses to Dex and Cha
Assimilate only works on Living creatures (by AshLancer)
Share Pain, Forced now works (by AshLancer)
Truespeak is now listed as a class skill for all classes
Players can now be proficient in quarterstaffs
Undead Wildshape benefits should now end when the Wildshape does
Demilich is now takeable again
Shadow Garotte and Shadow Noose should only work on living targets. (by AshLancer)
Shadow Noose now checks for DexBonusDeniedToAC. (by AshLancer)
Feral Death Blow’s instakill effect no longer works on crit immune creatures. The extra damage should always be applied. (by AshLancer)
Hamstring was bugged and applying con damage to the initiator instead of dex damage to the target. (by AshLancer)
Sacred Vengeance is now a free action
Justice of Weald and Woe’s Lucky Shot is now a free action
Flesh Ripper strike wasn’t checking for crit immune (by AshLancer)
Martial Spirit will no longer heal when hitting doors and other placeables.
Multiple spells now respect corporeality (by AshLancer)
Epic Spellcasting feat requirements are now correct
OA Samurai Ancestral Daisho available at level 1 and based off of character level (by Barmlot)
Sunscorch Hobgoblin now mentions the level adjustment
Partial fix for custom cohort stack underflow (by DDopes)
Shadowmind’s Mind Stab now has infinite uses and triggers more accurately
Prismatic Spray PnPified (by AshLancer)
BioShifter petrify effects respect Living/Nonliving (by AshLancer)
Sonic Shield only triggers on the correct event
Fixed text error on Elemental Savant feats
Added bastard sword to snowflake wardance
Fixed hostility setting on Oak Body psionic power
Weapon and Torch is now usable
Fire Riposte no longer has permanent visuals
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That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

July 15, 2020, 08:32:00 AM
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Ironsoul Forgemaster, Soulcaster, Totem Rager (by barmlot), Umbral Disciple prestige classes
9 new mysteries, 18 new Shadowcasting feats
Spiker race by barmlot
Incarnum Spellshaping feat
Arik's Vengeance, Blackrazor, Sunsword Weapons of Legacy
3.5 TWF now has 3.5 requirements as well
Flails and Whips now have their bonuses to Disarm
Kobold and Goblin have correct move speeds
Multiple minor fixes from Pstemarie
Sharp Shadows now only applies in melee range and has correct bonus
Marshal's Art of War aura now applies the proper bonus
Bolster mystery can now target other creatures
Asherati no longer get stuck due to Heat Endurance
Added switches to allow turning off of Law of Resistance and Law of Sequence
Can now exit Meld Binding conversation when no binds available
Resting restrictions now trigger on completing rest rather than beginning one
Fixes to some incarnum feats
Firebrand now has the correct number of arrows
Extended Rage no longer applies Con bonuses
Intimidating Rage no longer has incorrect duration
That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

October 14, 2020, 02:32:06 PM
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Ramethene Sword, Wyrmbane Helm Weapons of Legacy
Blooded One template
Draconic Aura Power now scales correctly in epic
Incarnate has correct saves
Mind Cleave no longer takes a move action
Totem Avatar no longer stacks with itself
Cold Endurance now has correct constant
That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.