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January 11, 2021, 03:57:36 PM

Incandescent Champion prestige class
Necrocarnum Circlet, Necrocarnum Mantle, Necrocarnum Shroud melds
Rampaging Bull Rush feat
Whelm (by barmlot), Holy Symbol of Ravenkind, Blade of the Last Citadel, Unfettered, Hillcrusher (by barmlot), Desert Wind ToB, Faithful Avenger, Supernal Clarity, Kamate, Eventide’s Edge, Umbral Awn, Tiger Fang weapons of legacy
Sharakim, Underfolk, Extaminaar, Skulk, Doppelganger, Mongrelfolk races
Sudden Stalagmite, Bones of the Earth spells

Switch to EE only
Yrthak Mask Binds now work
Shaped Soulmeld feats are now properly cleared on resting
Unarmed damage is now more reliable
Sling of the Dire Wind is upgradeable
Incarnum Radiance now has proper duration
Vae School now checks for flatfooted
Cobalt Expertise has its proper name
Mass Charm Person no longer hits allies
Hospitaler is now much closer to PnP requirements
Weapons of Legacy will no longer ask you to perform rituals the weapon does not have, even if they cost nothing
Abj Champ now requires Combat Casting
Natural weapon selection is now less buggy
Soulborn can no longer bind melds it shouldn’t be able to when multiclassing
Somatic components now respects Still metamagic
Azurin, Silverbrow Human, Strongheart Halfling now have their bonus feat restored
Changed commoner from NPC to PC class, added Chicken Infested switch
Undetectable Alignment now functions more accurately
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January 18, 2021, 09:18:05 AM
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Bones of Li Peng, Bullybasher's Gauntlets, Coral's Bite, Infiltrator, Lorestealer, Durindana, Thaas weapons of legacy
Power Throw feat
Hallow, Desecrate spells

Cleaned minor issues with Weapons of Legacy
Desecrate (TN) now allows extra animated undead
Mithral armor now applies to Climb and Balance skills
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January 24, 2021, 08:43:13 AM
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Necrocarnate prestige class
Necrocarnum Touch, Necrocarnum Vestments, Necrocarnum Weapon, Soulspark Familiar melds
Necrocarnum Acolyte, Open Least Chakra, Open Lesser Chakra, Open Greater Chakra, Split Chakra, Undead Meldshaper, Double Chakra, Expanded Soulmeld Capacity feats
Blast of Force spell (by Tenjac)
Corrosive and Screaming craft enchantments (by barmlot)

Necrocarnum Mantle now grants the right feat
Necrocarnum Shroud calls the correct meld script
Factotum and Incarnum classes can now pass tests in the Prelude (by barmlot)
Mantle of Flame meld is more reliable
Incarnate Weapon meld is more player friendly
Incarnum Binding and Essentia conversations are more player friendly
Descriptions for Necrocarnum melds now points to the correct melds
Necrocarnum Weapon now calls the right script
Aligned Soulmeld rules are now implemented for Incarnate and Soulborn
Touch of Fatigue now points to the right description
Totem Embodiment now references the correct ability modifier
Necrocarnum Circlet has adjusted summons
Weapon Focus and Improved Critical Dwarven War Axe can now be taken by dwarves with martial weapon proficiency
Ironsoul Forgemasters can now have two names
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January 27, 2021, 08:09:13 PM
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Incarnum Blade, Witchborn Binder prestige classes
Marrusault race
Gravetouched Ghoul template

Epic Incarnum Content:
Epic Incarnate, Soulborn, Totemist
Bonus Soulmeld, Epic Essentia, Extra Chakra Bind, Open Heart Chakra, Open Soul Chakra, Rapid Meldshaping, Rebind Soulmeld

Marrulurk now grants light armor proficiency
Furious Charge racial prereqs fixed
Double Chakra no longer allows double chakra binds, only shapes
Necrocarnum Circlet Crown Bind now cleans up properly
Totem Rager DR now functions properly
Persistent arrays now function again
That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

February 03, 2021, 02:34:22 PM
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Quickspur's Ally weapon of legacy
Shield Bash combat maneuver
Improved Shield Bash, Shield Specialization, Shield Ward, Agile Shield Fighter, Focused Shield, Shield Charge, Shield Slam, Shieldmate, Improved Shieldmate, Parrying Shield, Shielded Casting, Shield Dwarf Warder feats
Phantom Steed spell
Astral Vambraces, Charming Veil, Psion's Eyes, Psion-Killer Mask, Psychic Focus, Elder Spirit, Dragon Mantle, Claws of the Wyrm, Dragon Tail, Dragonfire Mask melds
Psychokinetic weapon enhancement (by barmlot)

Oversized Two Weapon Fighting now applies to the right weapon size
Using instant investing no longer can exceed max possessed essentia
Added descriptors and subschools to all Psionic powers
Spinemeld Warriors can now bind melds
Multiclass meldshapers will no longer error if one class has 0 binds available
Multiclass meldshapers can now invest essentia into their melds from all their classes
Psions no longer have a 17.3 error
Draconic Aura Vigor is now correct
Incandescent Champion TLK references corrected
Incandescent Champion abilities more reliable
Archmage Change Elements now works on spells cast from spellbook, rather than spells cast from items
Mantle of Flame now only works on melee attackers
Can no longer cast spells while scrying
Polar Ray now has the correct spell school
Dark Speech now works
Disarm is now considered a hostile act
Ironsoul Forgemaster Weapon Bond now works with ammoed weapons
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March 25, 2021, 02:50:52 PM
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Base Classes:

Prestige Clases:
Anima Mage, Tenebrous Apostate, Knight of the Sacred Seal (by barmlot), Scion of Dantalion

Amon, Aym, Leraje, Naberius, Ronove, Dahlver-Nar, Haagenti, Malphas, Savnok, Andromalius, Focalor, Karsus, Paimon, Agares, Andras, Arete, Astaroth, Buer, Eurynome, Tenebrous, Acererak, Balam, Dantalion, Geryon, Otiax, Chupoclops, Haures, Ipos, Shax, Zagan, Vanus, The Triad, Desharis, Zceryll, Eligor, Marchosias, Ashardalon, Halphax, Orthos, Abysm

Bind Vestige, Expel Vestige, Favored Vestige, Favored Vestige Focus, Ignore Special Requirements, Improved Bind Vestige, Improved Binding, Practiced Binder, Rapid Pact Making, Rapid Recovery, Skilled Pact Making


Varag race
Favored of the Zulkirs feat
Gaseous Form spell
11 new weapons from DM Heatstroke, including all weapon feats

Hexblade Swift Cast and Curse now have the correct uses per day
Extaminaar and Blooded One tlk errors fixed
Shadowcrafted items are removed at the end of the duration
Shadow Adept Shield of Shadows has correct bonus type
Module Updater is now more reliable
Psi-likes no longer require a minimum ability score to manifest
Warforged Juggernaut's Superior Bull Rush no longer triggers for every character
Fixed damage decrease effects after Jasperre found a NWN bug
Song of Discord now extends to the full duration
Tempest no longer needs to meet the ITWF requirements
Practiced Manifester no longer screws up max power level learnable
New weapons added to Insightful Strike (by barmlot)
Legacies no longer spam debug messages without debug on
Ectoplasmic Cocoon now targets the right people (by Cypren)
Fighting Defensively is no longer considered a hostile action
Astral Construct damage reduction now applies properly (by Cypren)
Boost Construct feat restored to functionality (by Cypren)
Ubiquitous Vision gives immunity to flanking (by Cypren)
Psionic Shot description now has correct requirements
Shou Disciple can now wear light armor (by NateE)
Kruthik Claws now grant 1d6 claws instead of 1d4
That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

April 01, 2021, 07:21:12 AM
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PRC 4.1.1
Ur-Priest prestige class
Spell Focus (Alignment) feat

Switched Weapons of Legacy HP penalty to new EE function
Switched Crusader Delayed Damage pool to new EE function
Switched Alienist stat gain to new EE function
Switched Warchief stat gain to new EE function
Switched Acolyte of the Skin stat gain to new EE function
Switched Battlerager stat gain to new EE function
Removed incorrect Battlerager TLK entries
Corrected Dragon Devotee requirements
Switched Dragon Devotee stat gain to new EE function
Switched Eye of Gruumsh stat gain to new EE function
Switched Frostmage stat gain to new EE function
Switched Mighty Contender of Kord stat gain to new EE function
Fixed Blighter spell gain table
Added Blighter to epic spellcasting checks
Removed LA from Half-Drow
Fixed Greater Shadow Evocation mystery so it now shows all 6th level spells
Switched Cultist of the Shattered Peak to new EE spellbook
Fixed Pseudonatural Elder Water Elementals appearing as naked dwarves
Fixed Zceryll having a naked dwarf fixation above a certain binder level
Fixed Alienist Extra Summoning ability summoning nothing
Switched Nentyar Hunter to new EE spellbook
Fixed Rangers having levelling problems from 3.5 Two-Weapon Fighting
Switched Telflammar Shadowlord to new EE spellbook
Fixed Nentyar Hunter to grant all applicable weapon proficiencies
Switched Slayer of Domiel to new EE spellbook
Switched Sohei to new EE spellbook
Switched Vassal of Bahamut to new EE spellbook
Switched Blackguard to new EE spellbook
Switched Knight of the Chalice to new EE spellbook
Switched Knight of the Middle Circle to new EE spellbook
Removed incorrect spells from Knight of the Middle Circle
Switched Eye of Gruumsh to Bioware Blindsight
Switched Soldier of Light to new EE spellbook
Switched Ocular Adept to new EE spellbook
Added domains to Ocular Adept
Fixed Ocular Adept requirements
Added Corrupt spells to Blighter list
Switched Blighter to new EE spellbook
Removed incorrect spells from Healer list
Switched Healer to new EE spellbook
Switched Shaman to new EE spellbook
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And with strange aeons even death may die.

May 19, 2021, 08:34:38 AM
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Bariaur, Hybsil races (by barmlot)
Wildren race
Winterhide Shifter trait
Eagle Claw weapon (by zae)
Basin of Deadly Dust encounter area

Switched Baelnorn stat gain to new EE function
Switched Lich stat gain to new EE function
Added new weapons to ToB Discipline Weapon list
Added new weapons to Swordsage Discipline Focus
Added new weapons to Warblade Weapon Aptitude
Added Blighters gaining caster level boost from ex-Druid levels
Fixed requirements for Tenebrous Apostate
Fixed TLK for Tenebrous Apostate
Fixed Heart of Fire Totem bind not applying fire damage
Fixed Totemist occasionally getting free binds
Fixed Restoration, etc., occasionally removing Vestiges and Melds
Made Incarnate Avatar more reliable
Fixed Hathran getting too many cohorts
Fixed Binding switch error
Fixed certain classes being unable to access Shadowbane Stalker/Inquisitor
Fixed Incarnum information not clearing all the time
Added new weapons to Weapon Master (by barmlot)
Fixed Wemic being the wrong size
Added weapon proficiency feats for new weapons
Fixed Shadowbane Stalker tlk issue
Fixed resting breaking when saving/loading during the cooldown
Fixed falchion and maul not being dual-wieldable with the appropriate feats
Fixed grappling occasionally getting into a state where it would do nothing
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June 17, 2021, 01:03:34 PM
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Reth Dekala race
Aberration Blood, Aberration Wild Shape, Bestial Hide, Deepspawn, Durable Form, Inhuman Vision, Scavenging Gullet, Warped Mind aberrant feats
Epic Spellfire Channeller, Centaur Trample feats
Dymondheart WoL encounter area
Bow of the Black Archer WoL encounter area

Fixed all disarm checks to respect the PnP Disarm switch
Fixed the Shadow Weave feat to properly block all light spells
Fixed falchion and maul not being dual-wieldable with the appropriate feats
Fixed GetManifesterLevel returning incorrect values when called outside of psionic code
Fixed Psionic characters being unable to craft psychokinetic weapons
Fixed Binder getting vestiges a level early
Updated Shield Counter maneuver to use Shield Bash combat maneuver
Fixed Pyrokineticist getting extra weapon proficiencies
Fixed Incarnum feats not being visible on class radials
Fixed incorrect messages being displayed on certain vestige abilities
Updated Nazathrune Rakshasa with new weapons
Fixed Blade of the Last Citadel requirements being slightly off
Fixed being unable to register characters with ECL and 0 XP.
Fixed Urskan Greaves totem bind allowing enemies to avoid overruns
Fixed Holy Symbol of Ravenkind having the wrong name
Fixed Crinti Shadow Marauder not getting its abilities
Fixed Voice of Shadows not dazing constructs and undead
Fixed Incandescent Champion, Necrocarnate, and Umbral Discipline not properly adding essentia
Fixed Essentia investing occasionally showing erroneous allowed totals
Fixed Elan Resilience giving infinite temporary health
Updated PRC PnP XP switch to be more accurate to PnP
That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

October 11, 2021, 09:37:54 AM
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Added feat Centaur Trample

Fixed undead minions healing on rest
Fixed Shifter Savagery being inaccessible
Fixed Paimon's Weapon Finesse flickering
Fixed Flashing Sun only targeting self
Fixed Blindness/Deafness being associated to the wrong school
Fixed Luminous Armor granting too much AC
Fixed Naberius never granting bonus skills (by GildedFire)
Fixed Binding conversation being wonky (by GildedFire)
Fixed Disciple of Darkness taking an action
Fixed Bestial Hide granting too much AC
Fixed Crisis of Breath being too aggressive in killing people
Fixed Empathic Feedback ignoring melee range restrictions
Fixed Double Chakra not allowing double shaping
Fixed Barbarian Fast Movement appearing as a bonus feat for Warblades
Fixed Beholders preventing Charge from being used
Fixed Incandescent Strike not applying to charge damage
Fixed CW Samurai having trouble with Two Weapon Fighting
Fixed secondary natural attacks sometimes punching the player's face
Fixed Guurgal WoL not having its Wounding property
Fixed Ramathene WoL not triggering all abilities properly
Fixed Scorpion's Grasp feat not triggering grappling properly
Fixed Frightful Blast duration (by barmlot)
That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

November 06, 2021, 12:04:30 PM
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Arkamoi, Lashemoi, Turlemoi, Hadrimoi, Redspawn Arcaniss races

Fixed Secondary Natural Attacks having extra attack penalties
Fixed Emitter issues for certain VFX (by shadguy)
Fixed PnP Shifter not being able to grant bonuses over +12 (by barmlot)
Fixed TLK issue with Manticore Belt meld
Fixed accidental nudity caused by chakras blocking items
Made Incarnum Natural Weapons more reliable
Fixed PnP Shifter Learn Shape not working
Fixed TLK issue with Natural Spell feat
Fixed Shadow Mantle Shoulder Bind not working
Cleaned up Truenaming Laws
Fixed GetCreatureSize function working incorrectly for PnP Shifter
Fixed PnP Disarm occasionally not working on enemies with high numbers of attacks
Fixed PnP Shifter incorrectly increasing mental stats (by barmlot)
Fixed PnP Disarm and Trip not granting iterative attacks
Fixed Dragon Disciple NA bonus to be PnP
Fixed Dragon Disciple missing Blindsight
Fixed PRC size increases stacking benefits
Fixed Talon of Tiamat getting too many breath weapon uses
Fixed Level Adjustment eating extra XP when loading into a game
Fixed Races that emulate sorcerer levels having incorrect caster levels
Fixed Drider/Rakshasa/PnP Shifter TLK issues - it now mentions these races add sorcerer casting
Fixed Natural weapons occasionally granting extra attacks to normal weapons
Fixed Drider granting the wrong feat on character creation
Fixed Monstrous Casters (Rakshasa, Drider, Arkamoi, Redspawn Arcaniss) not granting access to prestige classes
Fixed Monstrous Casters (Rakshasa, Drider, Arkamoi, Redspawn Arcaniss) not benefiting from prestige classes
Added Factotum's Cunning Brilliance ability. Factotums over level 19 will need to relevel to gain the ability
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And with strange aeons even death may die.

April 12, 2022, 10:40:07 AM
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Gloura race
Crypt Spawn template (by DM Heatstroke)
Bright Evening Star Weapon of Legacy (by EbonFowl)

Massive update to the scripted combat system to take into account all effects from anywhere in the game (by EbonFowl)

Updated Blackguard with full PnP content (by EbonFowl)
Updated Divine Champion with PRC weapons (by DM Heatstroke)
Updated Talon of Tiamat to increase Invoker levels (by Ramza)
Updated Fighter with 20+ new bonus feats (by Barmlot)
Fixed Weapon of Legacy effects not being cleaned properly
Fixed Chilling Tentacles not using invoker level (by EbonFowl)
Fixed Water Elementals not using the proper Drown spell
Fixed Swordsages and Warblades not being proficient with Kukris
Fixed Eldritch Glaive being usable during grapples
Fixed Duelist Elaborate Parry being applied during expertise.
Fixed Incarnate Avatar/Weapon working for Incarnates with incorrect alignment
Fixed Shadow Pounce not applying to Shadow Hand maneuvers
Fixed Dragonmelds not working
Fixed Champion of Corellon bonus feats (by EbonFowl)
Fixed Dragon Tail meld TLK issue
Fixed Incarnate Avatar meld damage bonus not stacking with weapon enhancements (by EbonFowl)
Fixed Necrocarnate's Essentia Trap stacking infinitely
Fixed certain spells and abilities not respecting Concentration properly (by EbonFowl)
Fixed Tempest not granting extra attacks
Fixed Dark Foresight stacking with itself
Fixed a number of TLK errors (by Barmlot)
Fixed Turmlemoi throwing rocks at their own face
Fixed War Mind hitting too many times
Fixed Eldritch Chain hitting previous targets
Fixed Nailed to the Sky being completely wrong
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And with strange aeons even death may die.

April 18, 2022, 06:12:39 PM
Reply #12


Fixed the persistent local variable bug caused by Beamdog's idiocy. (by EbonFowl)
Fixed Shaman stacking animal companion levels
That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

May 29, 2022, 02:15:36 PM
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25 RESERVE feats, Holy Warrior, Acidic Splatter, Mystic Backlash, Dimensional Jaunt, Fiery Burst, Winter's Grasp, Storm Bolt, Sickening Grasp, Touch of Healing, Clutch of Earth, Borne Aloft, Charnel Miasma, Protective Ward, Shadow Veil, Sunlight Eyes, Touch of Distraction, Umbral Shroud, Drowning Glance, Invisible Needle, Dimensional Reach, Hurricane Breath, Summon Elemental, Minor Shapeshift, Face-Changer, and Clap of Thunder (by EbonFowl)
Marrutact, Aranea (by DM Heatstroke), Muckdweller (by DM Heatstroke), Air/Earth/Fire/Water Mephlings (by DM Heatstroke), Spiretop Dragon (by DM Heatstroke) races

Fixed templates being wonky (by EbonFowl)
Fixed PnP Shifter Learnshape disappearing
Fixed Freedom of Movement spell not stopping grappling
Fixed Greater Divine Surge maneuver allowing use when not able to take ability damage (by EbonFowl)
Fixed Eldritch Line not working properly (by EbonFowl)
Fixed Gravetouched Ghoul making everyone evil (by EbonFowl)
Fixed the Half-Dragon template conversation being dumb (by EbonFowl)
Removed Practiced Mind Blade
Fixed Half-dragons not qualifying for breath channeling feats (by EbonFowl)
Fixed Shifter (and other users of the shifting system) no changing racial type. (by EbonFowl)
Fixed Necrocarnum Circlet causing damage issues when regenerating (by EbonFowl)
That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

October 24, 2022, 12:37:17 PM
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Battle Blessing feat
Half-Troll, Saint, Archlich template (by DM Heatstroke)
PnP Badger, Dog, Riding Dog, Eagle, Hawk, Heavy Horse, Light Horse, Owl, Pony, Dire Rat, Medium Viper & Wolf Animal Companions (by DM Heatstroke)
New random name databases (LTR files) for each racialtype (by DM Heatstroke)

Fixed Fate Link not working (by EbonFowl)
Fixed Bright Evening Star Enthralling Lights (by EbonFowl)
Fixed Baleful Polymorph affecting plants (by DM Heatstroke)
Fixed Spinning Halberd not being usable
Fixed Muckdweller having RHD
Fixed Zakya not getting their bonus feat at first level
Fixed Zceryll having unlimited bolts (by barmlot)
Fixed Zceryll not granting Spell Resistance
Fixed Spiretop Dragon TLK error
Fixed Exploit Vestige error
Fixed Marchosias Sneak Attack (by barmlot)
Fixed Marchosias Death Attack
Fixed assorted TLK spelling ("critcal", slanted githyanki eyes, typo in Rage Mage description) (by DM Heatstroke)
Added Katana to Insightful Strike if Iaijutsu Master
Fixed Two Weapon Fighting causing trouble for Rangers
That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.