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Author Topic: Build: Incarnate 15/Warblade 12/Necrocarnate 13 (Warcarnate)  (Read 2384 times)

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March 27, 2022, 10:53:19 PM
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Couldn't figure out a good name for this one, but this is (I think) the highest consistent damage build that can be made with the current PRC options.  The damage output is absolutely ludicrous and in my testing it kills ALL enemies at a faster rate than a devcrit build can kill enemies susceptible to critical hits.  Best of all, this build can inflict this massive damage every single round without limitation as none of the abilities are use-limited.

What this build gives you: 16 pre-epic BAB; great attack bonus (Lolth's Meat and Blood in the Water); absolutely enormous damage output - between soulmelds (Necrocarnum Weapon, Incarnate Avatar, Bluesteel Bracers), feats (Lolth's Meat, Cobalt Power), and maneuvers (Dancing Mongoose, Raging Mongoose, Blood in the Water) this character can average ~3000 melee damage a round (~3600 if you begin combat with a pounce) and ~925 on a single pouncing charge***; the damage caused by this build is persistent and not constrained by abilities limited to times/day; you also get a couple decent necrocarnum zombies (Necrocarnum Circlet) that you can summon at-will to serve as meat shields to keep the enemies off you; persistent 50% miss chance (Fellmist Robe); infinite essentia at level 8 (Harvest Soul) so your melds will always be maxed out; the ability to heal once per minute when recovering maneuvers (Vital Recovery); the ability to adapt to the best weapons you find (Weapon Aptitude); INT to reflex saves, crit confirmation, combat maneuvers, and damage against flat-footed enemies; the ability to instantly clear status effects (Ironheart Surge); uncanny dodge; and no level adjustment with this build

Weakpoints: not the best AC (Midnight Dodge will eventually help) or base saves (though Lolth's Meat mitigates this short-coming after a few kills) - get equipment to boost AC and saves, as well as equipment that gives immunity to status effects; you lose a small amount of damage output against non-living opponents (Necrocarnum Weapon), but the difference is small and won't slow you down

Build Name: Warcarnate

Race: Half-Drow                     

Alignment: Neutral Evil
STR 16   
DEX 16
CON 15
INT 10
Lvl   Class
1   Incarnate 1: Lolth's Meat, Spellcraft 4, Lore 4
2   IC 2: Spellcraft 5, Lore 5
3   IC 3: Necrocarnate Acolyte, Concentration 1, Spellcraft 6
4   Warblade 1: STR 17, Concentration 5
5   WB 2                     
6   WB 3: Power Attack, Save 2 unused skill points
7   IC 4: Spellcraft 10
8   Necrcarnate 1: DEX 17
9   NC 2: Two-Weapon Fighting      
10   NC 3                     
11   NC 4                     
12   WB 4: Improved Critical (Aptitude Weapon) , DEX 18
13   WB 5: Bonus Feat: Vital Recovery      
14   WB 6                     
15   WB 7: Improved TWF
16   WB 8: DEX 19
17   WB 9: B: Iron Will      
18   WB 10: Greater TWF      
19   WB 11                     
20   WB 12: STR 18
21   NC 5: Cobalt Power      
22   NC 6                     
23   NC 7                     
24   NC 8: Split Chakra (Soul), STR 19
25   NC 9                     
26   NC 10                     
27   NC 11: Double Chakra (Soul)      
28   NC 12: STR 20
29   NC 13                     
30   IC 5: Midnight Dodge
31   IC 6                     
32   IC 7: STR 21
33   IC 8: Oversized TWF
34   IC 9   
35   IC 10   
36   IC 11: Great Constitution, STR 22
37   IC 12                     
38   IC 13                     
39   IC 14: Great Strength      
40   IC 15: STR 24

Recommended Martial Maneuvers: Pouncing Charge, Dancing Mongoose, Raging Mongoose, Iron Heart Surge, Blood in the Water (Stance).  You could also take more Warblade levels in epic, at the expense of 1 point of meld essentia capacity at 40th level, to get additional diamond mind maneuvers: Diamond Defense (best defensive saving throw ability in the game - will totally eliminate any problem with low saves), Time Stands Still, and Avalanche of Blades.  This is likely the way to go.

Recommended Soul Melds: Necrocarnum Weapon, Incarnate Avatar, Bluesteel Bracers, Necrocarnum Circlet (bound), Fellmist Robe (bound)

Notes: as a general strategy, this build should begin combat by charging the strongest opponent, initiate raging mongoose as soon as possible, then initiate dancing mongoose, recover maneuvers, repeat.  Always make sure to recover your maneuvers immediately at/near the end of each combat - otherwise you will have to wait a full minute while they recover.

***Damage calculations updated after the scripted combat system was updated to pull in all the damage boosts.  They assume max level, enemies that are alive and not crit-immune, that the player took the advice in the recommended maneuvers section and picked up Time Stands Still, and +20 damage from Lolth's Meat (which seems like a good average that I am doing in combat-heavy modules).
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April 09, 2022, 09:24:49 AM
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Tried to build a WB way back, but there were persistent script errors.

The WB brochure looked nice.
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April 09, 2022, 06:19:52 PM
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They work pretty good now. I made a big update to the scripted combat system that just got released with the PRC alpha today, and it really helps all the maneuvers work properly. Now that all the damage is being pulled in, this character is doing around 3500-4000 damage per round. It is hard to pin the exact number down in actual gameplay, rather than calculations, as the monsters aren’t plentiful/tough enough to get through all 31 attacks this build can do in a round.

April 09, 2022, 08:57:18 PM
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Can you test this build vs an enemy that has Divine Shield, Epic Mage Armor & Epic Warding all active?
Fermi was a Pyrokineticist

April 09, 2022, 11:40:37 PM
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I could make a script that applied all those effects to an enemy for testing purposes. I’m not sure I could hit them with Epic Mage Armor on though. I guess it would depend on the base creature. Goblin sure, prismatic dragon, no way.