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Author Topic: Issues re: PRCModuleUpdater and PRC/CEP merging  (Read 2176 times)

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July 18, 2022, 08:09:17 PM

Hi, all-

After a rather long hiatus from the front, I now find myself returning to the worlds of NWN- including the PRC. You can imagine my astonishment to discover that not only is the PRC project not offline, but that it is still producing content. (Reserve feats... yum.)

As the newer versions of the PRC have moved to the Enhanced Edition of NWN, so have I. As it happens, though, I've found myself running into issues.

The original version of the PRCModuleUpdater (now the "classic" version) used to create both a merge hak and combined tlk file to use with a given module. I'm now using the updated version of PRCModuleUpdater... and it doesn't appear to do this. Indeed, when I attempted to update a clean version of Endless Nights IV with the PRC (4-1-8), I received the error previously noted by other users here: "...The module and custom content contain tlk files that cannot merge".

I attempted to build my own merge hak, using the compiler and the notes on the subject from the PRC manual. I got the same result when using CEP.tlk as my original tlk file. I tried removing this, as suggested in a different thread; then, the compiler was able to successfully add the PRC to the "Merge module"- but it also used the prc_consortium.tlk file, rather than attempting to build a new one.

So... I'm a bit stumped as to what i SHOULD be doing.

So far, I HAVE been able to add the PRC to EN4 in NWNEE. While it works well enough, I've also seen a number of oddities in the installation. To wit, my character is encountering a fair number of monsters without a name- or rather, a blank name.

I suspect that this may be due to the tlk file the module is using (prc_consortium), and that a merged tlk file might fix things. (I first took steps to fix the issue with baseitems.2da as noted in the manual, by basically merging the two different 2da files together. All seems to be all right, though I don't think I've done anything- or found anything- that would test it, either. In any case, I still have the "blank names" issue.)

As such, I'd appreciate any advice anyone could give me. (If such advice would be better dispensed over Discord, I would be game- though it would need to be later in the week.)

Lee (GLWizard)

July 19, 2022, 06:24:58 AM
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Drop by the #modules channel on discord. You'll find everything already answered for you in the pins there.
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