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Author Topic: General Forum Rules  (Read 7625 times)

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June 24, 2009, 08:05:11 PM

These are the rules we expect members to abide by while on this website.
No advertising, except for NWN/Dragon Age related content.
No spamming or flooding.
No harassment of other members.
No server attacks.
No impersonation of officials or anyone else.
No use of profanity, please.  Keep your behavior/language appropriate.
No discussions about illegal file-sharing.  And don't link to any, either.
Avoid sending private messages when there is a forum appropriate to your issue.
Have fun. [/ulist]
The last rule is optional.

Other sub-forums may have additional rules.  You are expected to read and keep up with them; we reserve the right to update, change or clarify these rules at our discretion.

If you are not clear about whether or not something is allowed, message or email one of the administrators for clarification.