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Author Topic: Compiling Error: Unknown State in prc_inc_nwscript.nss, line 63  (Read 3202 times)

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June 04, 2012, 07:56:29 AM
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I'm trying to tweak the OA Samurai into PnP rules compliance (OA p. 21: The samurai must meet the minimum character level (including any prestige class levels) shown on the table) by switching Ancestral Daisho upgrade limitations from GetLevelByClass to simply GetHitDice(oPC).

Howver, even when I attempt to compile an unedited codi_s2_ancdaic.nss, I'm getting:
Message: prc_inc_nwscript.nss<63>: ERROR: UNKNOWN STATE IN COMPILER

Code: [Select]
// This line is here to prevent the bioware toolkit from
// throwing an exception over the number of constants in PRC
[b]const int BIOWARE_INHIBIT = !!0;[/b]

Any ideas on how to resolve this error?


Found this thread, trying out the solution within.


Huzzah, it worked.  Next up is adding a dialogue option to restore the value of the weapons to the sacrificed integer, and to destroy the weapons so that you can recreate them from scratch.
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June 04, 2012, 09:12:41 AM
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Just met the same problem when disable 'Enforce female Nymphs' in PRC 3.5. It seems strange that the compiler think !!0 isn't a constant.

Just deleted !!, and it seems to be working well. In C, !! means keep 0 while change other numbers to 1, but I'm not sure in NWN script.