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Author Topic: PRC 3.3G RC3 Released, along with a few more things  (Read 7167 times)

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August 12, 2009, 09:03:01 AM

We've got a few new toys for you today, starting with a new 3.3G Release Candidate. This has a few more fixes in it, including one for the pesky two two-handed weapons issue. It also has all the debug text turned off, as it's the last release before we push 3.3G out the door, and we'd like a few places to give it a go before we do.

We've also released an updated PRC Merge Hak, which is current up to the 3.3G RC3 release that we've pushed out, and can be used with that version of the PRC.

Finally, we've updated the Downloads page to include all of the links to our content on the vault. We sort of forgot to do that before now, which is a bit silly, but they are all there for NWN1.

Enjoy the new content,
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