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March 04, 2015, 02:53:36 PM

I was mading a build for a fighter/wizard/bladesinger to see if it was a playable character trough the campaing, but i think i found a bug in the bladesong ability of the bladesinger; it gives 1 point of AC per Level of Bladesinger twice;

An unamored and unarmed fighter 4/wizard 8/bladesinger 6 was AC 17; with 16 dex and 22 int Sun Elf;
Observe the Screenshots;

when i equip the rapier it gives +6 to AC, as it should, for my int bonus is +6 and my bladesinger level is 6; when i equip the studded leather armor, it gives +3 armor bonus, but the dex bonus is not cumulative with the AC bonus from int, the greater bonus from int prevail, as it should (i believe); but from where comes the +4 bonus with unarmed and unarmored character? as i come into leveling with her, the bonus begun in +1, and where progressing as i leveled to +4 at bladesinger lvl 6; my AC unarmed and unamored should to be 13 not 17; and this bug makes this fake bonus be cumulative with the Bladesong AC Bonus;

it's this correct?
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March 04, 2015, 07:02:55 PM
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"When wielding a longsword or rapier in one hand (and nothing in the other), a bladesinger gains a dodge bonus to Armor Class equal to her class level, up to a maximum of her Intelligence bonus. " That sight listed a Dodge, so looks like the Int bonus would supersede the Dex mod on AC.

W/o armor & no wep, AC should = 13 (Dex). Try resting. Some feats get frapped by arming / disarming / armoring / dis-armoring. If not, re-start a save.

W/o armor & wep in 1 hand, should be 16 (Int).

Correctly adds 6 from 17 to 23, but the 17 base isn't right. Can't explain the +4 now (17 v. 13) w/o any equip.

On the build side:
Swap Fighter for Swashbuckler & that build goes crazy.
L1 Swash gets Wep Finesse for free.
Insightful Strike comes at Swash L3:

Also, unless you're going for Wep Finesse / Swash, lower Dex as it's wasted with the high Int mod for AC.
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March 05, 2015, 02:29:18 PM
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Lost Boy, you'll not believe that! I'm not believing until I see with my own eyes!

The +4 AC Bonus is because the TUMBLE SKILL!!!! hahahahahaha!!!!
She has 20+ Tumble graduations, so it's+4 AC Bonus!!!

The Bladesong is Correct.

Oh for the tips on the build, the Swashbuckler is more strong, but the Extra feats of the Figther Class come in handy so I can take Bladesinger Class at level 8; With the Swashbuckler Class I can't take the Silver Palm Feat at 1st level, (wich is not a big deal, because Persuade is class skill of Swash), and only takes Bladesinger at level 9 (witch is not a big deal too); So i'm testing wicth one is better;

I apreciate the help thanks!

March 08, 2015, 11:32:03 AM
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Considered Nymph for that build?

Along with a Swash puts the build on epic capability.
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