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Author Topic: Temporal Acceleration broken?  (Read 3158 times)

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November 01, 2015, 09:30:11 PM
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Hi there. I am kinda new to this marvelous piece of content, though I tried searching the forum for similar question and find nothing.
Thing is: the Temporal Acceleration power seems to allow you to cast spells and to attack enemies just like timestop spell.

Now, when augmenting it in combination with wild surge and applying extend power you can achieve 4 rounds duration at character level 13. And as the level rises the power skyrockets to just ridiculous durations. Adding sufficiently large PowerPoints pool and instant-cast property of the spell itself allows to chain it several times in a row, making it overpowered beyond reason.

I am not an expert on PnP rules, but from what I recall this power shouldn't allow you to attack or cast damaging spells. Yet the in-game description clearly states that this is an intended mechanics: "You are free to act for 1 round of apparent time. You can manifest powers, cast spells, move, or perform other types of actions".

Another interesting thing is that I am only able to cast spells (like, from wizard multiclass or from items) and whack enemies with a weapon. Manifecting powers, on the other hand, seems to be restricted to one. No matter how much times I managed to cast them only one power will take effect after Acceleration ends. Which contradicts the in-game description, but seems quite reasonable.

So I just wanted to ask if there is any basis for this power to work like this, or is it just broken and I shouldn't use it.
Thanks for the answers.