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March 12, 2016, 07:55:23 PM

I have recently gone and upgraded all of the NWN Bioware Campaign modules (from the OC, to SoU to HotU) to support the latest version of the PRC (albeit I am uncertain if I did it correctly, with respects to the PRC manual being outdated in terms of how to do this and I followed it to a T, even when there were missing files)

If there is a problem with the suggested ways to add the hak paks let me know.

Anyway, I was just having fun playing as a psion when I decided to pick up Psychic Reformation, because I felt like certain powers had fallen out of use and I had hoped to use this to repick my powers.

Well, to my distress, I discovered I was unable to go back further than the level I picked it up, and even if I attempted to augment it (unless I am doing it wrong) just let me know I was not high enough level to do so. And then I decided to do it manually (with the DebugMode) and I am not sure why, but somehow I lost a bunch of the bonus skill points humans get at first level.

I am not sure what happened there. But I am more curious if any of you still around have any suggestions for how I could have this neat power allow me to repick my entire power loadout? I wouldn't be averse to simply rewriting the script for the power, but I seem to be at a loss for how to write it.

March 12, 2016, 09:57:47 PM
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Well, its not coded 'that way' when used on yourself.

The way it works is that it goes back 1 level, +1 for each augment. Which effectively means you can always regress to ~7th level, but not before that. You can overchannel to get back to 6th 5th or 4th depending on what level of overchannel you can get to.

I'm considering submitting a conversation based re-write as the way it is coded now is not the way it works in Table Top, and PRC usually goes with table top rules. The conversation would simply be a quick way to state how many levels to go back, and give a confirm and the XP cost, etc. I'd probably also add an 'is this ok' to the target, if its not the caster.