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Author Topic: Few questions !!  (Read 2562 times)

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October 30, 2010, 11:58:46 AM

i'm enjoying the new classes, espeically the beguiler .. but i met few issues and wondering if that's how they're meant to be:

mirror image spell => it creates copies indeed .. but create them as neutral copies .. i mean, monsters just ignore them and pass by them to go after me 0.0 even when i go invisible they're still ignored

touch of idiocy spell => it's supposed to decrease, int, cha and wis ... when i use it on monsters(and checktheir status), it shows as if only their cha  was decreased

for the witch class's familiar => it's a great thing, that you finally found out a way to bypass the limits of the engine xD ... just a little tiny thing you missed: augment familiar spell doesn't recognise the familiars summoned that way.

for the Hexblade => "Any enemy adjacent to your Dark Companion takes a -2 penalty on it's saves and to it's AC" does it work ?! even tho, their status don't show any decreases in their saves ?!

and that's it !!
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