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October 31, 2010, 09:32:05 PM

Okay apologies if this post seems like some Advertisement Bot, I've just been working really long and hard on this topic before I actually posted it, So here goes, Since I'm saving up my money to buy the Diamond Edition of NWN 1 from I've been replaying this Diablo 1 Mod called the Hell... and here comes the Copy Paste, Wall of Text:

Website Link:
(It might register as a Malware Site for Firefox so use Internet Explorer or something? :P )


Mod Download - The Mod is seperated into 7 Parts, You must then unzip it.

Assassin Graphics Fix - You will need this download if you plan on playing the Assassin Class seriously. Without it the Assassin will use the normal Slow animation of the Rogue for attacking with Melee Weapons. (This wasn't completed but still works correctly *Mace isn't Dual Wielded* )

Gladiator Graphics Fix - Provides the Gladiator with his own unique Sprites. (Read: Dual Wielded Weapons)


Optional Music Expansion (1 Gig File) - Adds additional music for the Game to play during in-game.

The Hell Clicker - A Macro to let you click and save your Mouse and hand.

How to Install:
All you actually need from Diablo is the Diabdat.mpq File from inside the Diablo 1 CD.

Diablo: The Hell is a free modification of Diablo: Hellfire. It features many minor improvements and bug fixes, which combined greatly enhances the players experience over the original game. While at the same time it maintains the original atmosphere of Diablo.


# Challenge factor and replay value raised considerably
# True to the style and atmosphere of the original Diablo
# New player graphics (as you can see to the right)
# +400 named monsters (bosses)
# 206 base items
# +500 unique items
# New and adjusted magic items
# New and adjusted spells
# Singleplayer levels like "Poisoned Water Supply" are different on each difficulty
# Hundreds of new and improved environment and monster palettes
# Completely revamped experience gain
# Improved & expanded monster AI
# Additional, better balanced character classes
# Optional expanded music add-on with improved quality
# Unlimited item storage, shared between characters
# Improved PvE and PvP balance
# Thousands of new gameplay features and enhancements
# Full support for Internet multiplay through Hamachi or Kali
# Native support for LAN multiplay, even with Windows 7/Vista
# Hotkeys for faster spell switching


Attack Style:
1-Handed Weapons + Shield
2-Handed Weapons & Bows attack slowly.
150% Critical Damage

Max Stats (Naked)
STR: 240
MAG: 60
DEX: 160
VIT: 180

Class Skill - Repair - Repairs an item but lowers Durability by one point.


Attack Style:
All other Weapons attack slowly
300% Critical Damage

Max Stats (Naked)
STR: 120
MAG: 70
DEX: 250
VIT: 140

Class Skill - Seeing - Highlights enemy that are out of your Line of Sight


Attack Style:
Dual wielding 1h Swords or Maces
2-handed Weapons (Axe gains damage bonus from Vitality)
Can Also use Bows to attack decently.
Only receive half the Defense Bonus when using Shields.
200% Critical Damage

Class Skill - Aegis - absorbs part of the damage received and sends it back to Melee Attackers. This damage is based on Vitality. (At 80 Vitality you will send & absorb back 10% Damage)

Max Stats (Naked)
STR: 250
MAG: 20
DEX: 130
VIT: 240


Main Attack Style: Spellcasting
All Weapons attack slowly.

Class Skill - Staff Recharge - Recharges the Staff but loses 1 Charge.

Max Stats (Naked)
STR: 110
MAG: 250
DEX: 90
VIT: 130

Attack Style:
Dual Wielded 1-handed Swords & Clubs
Bow attacks Decently
2-handed Weapons attacks slowly.

Gains AC Bonus per Weapon when using the following Weapon Types:
Rapiers give 4 AC
Sabres 5 AC
Wakizashi 3 AC
200% Critical Damage

Class Skill - Identify - Identifies an Item.

Max Stats (Naked)
STR: 140
MAG: 150
DEX: 210
VIT: 150


Attack Style:
Staff (Melee)
All other Weapons attack slowly.

Class Skill - Telekinesis - Let's you interact with objects not within your reach. (I.E: Open/Close Doors, Grab Items, If used on Enemies they will be pushed by 1 Grid)

Max Stats (Naked)
STR: 160
MAG: 80
DEX: 220
VIT: 170

Minor Info:
-You can store your items via Gillian now.

-Mana & Life now regenerate (Your going to need it... I tell ya!  :lol: )

-Leaving Auto-Map on highlights items on the ground.

-Blunt Weapons (I.E: Staves,Unarmed,Maces) deal 1.5x the Damage to Undead & 1x to Demons and 0.5x to Beasts

-Slicing Weapons (I.E: Axes,Swords,Knives,Bows) deal 1.5x to Beasts, 1x to Demons & 0.5x to Undead.

-Uniques always only receive 50% of your regular damage.

-You are guaranteed to find a Unique Version of the Monsters on the specified Floor (i.e: Skeleton-Scavenger-Zombie-Skeleton Archer = Guaranteed the Uniques of their specific Race)

-Specific Unique Named Bosses cannot be killed on the Bat and may only be killed after appropriate Level Grinding.
King Leoric
Uber Diablo

-The Following Quests have Rewards that have Quest Items that have improved versions and/or have different versions per Class/Difficulty:
The Poisoned Water Supply (Ring of Purity - Varies for each Difficulty)
Arkaine's Valour (Varies for Class & Difficulty)
Ogden's Sign (Peasant Cap - Varies for each Difficulty)
The Magic Rock (Empyrean Brand - Varies for each Difficulty)
The Halls of the Blind (Optic Amulet - Varies for each Difficulty)
The Anvil of Fury (Griswold's XXXXX - Varies for each Class & Difficulty)
Lachdanan the Knight (Veil of Steel - Varies for each Difficulty)
*So it may be needed to redo some playthroughs for each Class to acquire their Specific versions for each Difficulty for all you Item Collectors.  :mrgreen:

(For Assassins & Gladiators)
-Wielding both a Blunt & Slicing Weapon negates the 0.5 bonus and penalty when fighting undead and beasts.

Gameplay Tips:
-Try to find a way to get at least 35 Magic for each of your characters (And 33 Mana for Gladiators) so they can learn at least Level 1 Town Portal Spell as this helps lighten the travel time in-between the game, helps you save gold and gives you a cheap escape route if you have mana left to cast it.

-Aegis is a skill that lets you absorb some of the damage by your enemies and sends it back to the enemies (This only works for melee attacks) This skill is generally more useful to all of the Classes except the Mage since they lack the vitality and would rather be dedicating more for Mana Regeneration for Mana Shield.

-Make an Assassin Character (even if you don't plan to play through it) so you can have a way to identify your items for free.

-Fury Spell again is another handy spell for All the Classes except the Mage again. (Adds 2*clvl to current STR and current VIT, and 1,5*clvl to current DEX for the duration of the spell.) when fighting enemies.
*Fury also enables Multi-Shot when playing as a Scout.

-Try to find a way to get all 4 Damage Types for your mage. (I.e: Fire-Lightning-Magic) As you'll eventually need to fight enemies who are Immune to 3 Elements and must use the Physical Spell.
Namely these Spells you will need are:
Fire Bolt (Available from Start)
Holy Bolt (For Undead Only) *You start with a Wand with 18 Charges of Holy Bolt
Charged Bolt (Lightning) *If possible getting Lightning is more reliable as it doesn't travel in random.
Arcane Star (Magic) *Replaces Blood Star and now Exclusively uses Mana ( :mrgreen: )
Summon Elemental (Physical) - Eventually you'll find monsters with immunity to said 3 Elements.

-The Guardian Spell has been renamed to Hydra,Hydras can now be summoned multiple times. (1 Hydra per Spell Level) Books of Summon Hydra and so you may no longer need to rely purely from The Chamber of Bone Quests.
Brothers, We stand here together against insurmountable odds. We know we will not live to see the next day. But the world shall know that we are the ones who defied all odds and defeated this evil who seeks to destroy our lands. So now, we march on to BATTTLE!!!

November 01, 2010, 08:45:07 AM
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What happened when Google visited this site?
Of the 3 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 3 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2010-10-06, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2010-10-06.

Malicious software includes 21 scripting exploit(s).

Malicious software is hosted on 3 domain(s), including,,

1 domain(s) appear to be functioning as intermediaries for distributing malware to visitors of this site, including

This is why it's listed as a "reported attack page" currently. Possible a third party inserted stuff onto their site, or not, but either way, doesn't look safe to me. I'll admit I skipped most of what you copy pasted...reads more like a manual than even an advertisement or anything else.

Perhaps a simple short summary of the mod would be better? Like, why are you recommending it? Why do you like it? And is there an alternate website for the mod that isn't as risky?
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November 01, 2010, 01:36:23 PM
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I'm guessing its due to the Macro the Game is providing (THClicker) for some of it though. I have no malware whatsoever from downloading from there.

My likings for the Game is as it makes it more difficult. Adds new enemies, Life & Mana Regeneration, And varies the Quest rewards for each Class and as stated... everything is just hardcore hard.

I suppose I could upload the files in my Hotfile Account. I highly recommend you still install Diablo 1 + Hellfire Expansion when you plan to play it as just having the Diabdat.mpq makes the game play slowly.
Brothers, We stand here together against insurmountable odds. We know we will not live to see the next day. But the world shall know that we are the ones who defied all odds and defeated this evil who seeks to destroy our lands. So now, we march on to BATTTLE!!!