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Author Topic: PRC 3.8 Alpha!  (Read 166 times)

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August 09, 2019, 07:31:06 AM

You can get the Alpha on the Vault or Steam.

3.8.0 Changelist
Weapons of Legacy
Added Black Blood Cultist and Unseen Seer prestige classes
Added Chitine, Taer, Mountain Spirit Folk, and Hagspawn races
Added Ice Troll, Wolf, and Ettercap Berserker feats
Added Changestaff and Rage spells
Runescarred Berserker requirements are now PnP accurate. Existing Runescarred will no longer qualify for the class.
Nimbus of Light now applies to the right skills
Henshin Mystic Riddle of Interaction now applies to the right skills
Ethran now applies to the right skills
Moradin’s Smile now applies to the right skills
Heartwarder now applies to the right skills
Orc Warlord requirements are now PnP accurate. Existing Warlords will no longer qualify for the class.
Disabled Parry, Taunt, Sap, Called Shot
Frightful Presence invocation no longer targets allies and is faster to cast
Damning Darkness should now work more reliably
Arctic Dwarf now has its Level Adjustment
Fixed a minor issue with Cause Fear
Corrected Ray of Enfeeblement duration
Changed Feeblemind to PnP spell
Stinking Cloud now applies concealment when inside the area of effect
Removed AC & Save bonuses for ranks in Tumble and Spellcraft
Added Fighting Defensively
Skarn now grants the right racial feat
Added 3.5 edition Two Weapon Fighting as a Switch (on by default)
Crescent Moon and Steal and Strike have the correct requirements
Gnoll now has its racial weapon familiarity
Dragonheart Mage now has the correct entry requirements
Dragonheart Mage now functions properly with all classes
Fixed Iaijutsu Master Canny Defense
Crusader strikes will no longer heal dead people
Battlesmith crafting now works
Fixed issue with LA races and feat enforcement
Contingent Resurrection now works on Outsiders and Elementals
Fixed a bug with EffectSickened(), standardized Sicken effects
Warlock’s Sickening Blast now has correct effect and duration
Hellfire Warlock now has PnP Ability Damage
All classes can take (Epic) Skill Focus: UMD
Added PnP Disarm switch that ignores the Disarmable flag (off by default)
Shadow Familiar feat now applies bonuses properly
Cold Endurance TLK flaw resolved
Corrected description and size for Arctic and Wild dwarves
Dark Discorporation no longer allows the player to deal damage on attacks
Imbue Item works for more item property types
Talontar Blightlord now gains the Skeleton template when using PnP Wild Shape
Grapple now ends when you die
Iron Heart Surge no longer strips the Expansion power
Animal Affinity no longer stacks with itself
Battlesmith no longer ignores spell requirements
Characters missing combat maneuver feats have them automatically added to their radial
Warchief now has epic levels (EE only)
Cohorts now start with gear
Spellsword channel spell will now trigger more reliably
Corpsecrafter now works
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