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Author Topic: Build: Cleric 12/Hospitaler 23/Hierophant 5 (Serial Crusher)  (Read 2269 times)

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February 16, 2022, 09:26:56 AM
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Build for today.  A divine caster gish monster that can serial crush with implosion.  I love this build because of how clean it is.  You don't really lose anything compared to a base cleric but you gain a ton.  Even the epic feats and epic bonus feats line up perfectly.  It seems like these 3 classes were meant to be combined in exactly this fashion.

What this build gives you: full cleric casting with no loss of caster levels and extremely good SR penetration; cleric buffing and healing; 17 pre-epic BAB for 4 attacks/round; 35/40 undead turning; devastating critical at level 21; extremely high save DCs for their spells, particularly evocation (implosion will end up with DCs in the 50s with WIS-boosting gear); heavy armor and tower shields; and uncanny dodge.

Weak points: only constructs with magic immunity will give this build trouble - it can devcrit or implode anything else; AC on this build is decent due to heavy armor use, tower shields, armor skin and racial natural armor bonus but is not godly; saves don't really get any notable boosts - be sure to mitigate this shortcoming with the best save-boosting equipment you can find.

Build Name: Serial Crusher Theory

Race: Half-Ogre

STR 21   
DEX 6         
CON 12         
WIS 18         
INT 10         
CHA 6         
Lvl   Class
1   Cleric 1: Spell Focus (Evocation), Domain: Weapon Focus (Scimitar), Domain: Uncanny Dodge, Domains: War, Fate, Turn Undead, Heal 4, Ride 2   
2   Clr 2: Heal 5 - begin taking Lore at every subsequent level to at least Lore 15
3   Clr 3: Greater Spell Focus (Evocation), Ride 3      
4   Clr 4: 22 STR
5   Clr 5: Ride 4                  
6   Clr 6: Mounted Combat      
7   Clr 7: Ride 5
8   Clr 8: 23 STR
9   Clr 9: Mounted Archery      
10   Clr 10                  
11   Clr 11               
12   Clr 12: Improved Critical (Scimitar), 24 STR
13   Hospirtaler 1: Lay on Hands   
14   Hosp 2                  
15   Hosp 3: Holy Warrior, Bonus: Power Attack, Remove Disease, Turn Undead (Stacking)   
16   Hosp 4: 19 WIS
17   Hosp 5: B: Cleave, Lore 15
18   Hosp 6: Extend Spell      
19   Hosp 7: B: Great Cleave      
20   Hosp 8: 25 STR
21   Hosp 9: Overwhelming Critical (Scimitar), Bonus: Devastating Critical (Scimitar)      
22   Hierophant 1: Spell Power +2   
23   Hiero 2: Spell Power +4   
24   Hiero 3: Epic Spell Focus (Evocation), Spell Power +6, 20 WIS
25   Hiero 4: Spell Power +8   
26   Hiero 5: Spell Power +10   
27   Hosp 10: Armor Skin      
28   Hosp 11: 21 WIS
29   Hosp 12                  
30   Hosp 13: Great Wisdom x2      
31   Hosp 14                  
32   Hosp 15: 24 WIS
33   Hosp 16: Great Wisdom x2      
34   Hosp 17                  
35   Hosp 18                  
36   Hosp 19: Great Wisdom x2, 29 WIS
37   Hosp 20                  
38   Hosp 21                  
39   Hosp 22: Great Wisdom x2      
40   Hosp 23: 32 WIS

Spell Suggestions:

- Implosion: instant death to everything, even those things immune to death magic, in a medium-sized area
- Sun Burst: huge damage to undead and permanent blindness to all
- Aura Versus Alignment: protects against some nasty status effects like fear and paralyze
- Hammer of the Gods: a good mid-level battlefield control spell
- Sound Burst: good low-level battlefield control spell
- Buffs: the cleric's real strength. Some suggestions, and remember you have Extend Spell to stretch them out: Divine Favor, Righteous Might, Battletide, Prayer, Recitation, Freedom of Movement, True Seeing, Premonition (fate), Mantle of Egregious Might (war)
- Recovery Spells: Heal, Lesser Restoration, Restoration, Greater Restoration, Regeneration
- War Domain Spells: keep one copy of the highest War Domain spell you have available prepared at all times to maximize the damage bonus from Holy Warrior

Note, make sure to buy off the half-ogre level adjustment as soon as you can (level 6 and 9).  Because all the active abilities in this build are in the vanilla game, this one makes a great custom cohort.  If you are OK with a high level of cheese (and have level adjustment turned off) you could switch Lightning Reflexes for Craft Wonderous Items at level 15 and you would then qualify for the lich template and the demilich template at level 21.  You must be lawful evil or neutral evil for that though.
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March 13, 2022, 03:11:44 AM
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Quick one on the build: I would go for Plant domain to get Creeping Doom at 7th. You can get it extended at L8 slot. No SR / no save up to 1k hp.

Recommend comparing Master of Shrouds to Hospitaler.

MoS summons are epic, as in Epic casters with respectable hp. With the right AI, the Spectres could be game changers. You also get extra Turning and extra domains. MoS is worth a look, if it hasn't been deleted.
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March 14, 2022, 01:13:27 AM
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I’ll have to look into MoS, I planned on doing a True Necromancer build at some point so I should get into the toolset and explore which class has better summons. Necrocarnate gets the same set as True Necro and they get crazy at epic levels. The final one at MSL 37 is an absolute beast.

Creeping Doom is great, but nothing can make a save against this guy anyhow (implosion DC is like 54-56 maxed out). So I just drop implosions or devcrit things that aren’t crit immune. Personally, I have a strong dislike for vancian spellcasting. Or anything itemized/finite for that matter, so most my builds tend to not rely too much on anything that is times/day.

March 14, 2022, 05:19:42 PM
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I hated the short range of Implosion vs Wail. You get Death domain free from MoS and I used Wail instead. Implosion text said 'Medium' - but seemed very small in application. Wail all day every day.

The beauty of the MoS is massive numbers of epic casters at high level. You get several extra domains, extra turning, +1 caster level, full BAB, massive summons (requires high MoS level). If you haven't already, try MoS - it puts Hospitaler completely in the shade.

Eternal Undead Master (EUM) and Volrath's Undead Overlord (VUO) are MoS builds:

VUO was able to heal the summons with Path of Shadow (party), but the range was pretty short. Casting 'Unliving Weapon' on them was a lot of fun.
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March 15, 2022, 07:32:07 AM
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Wow I did not realize MoS was full BAB! I am gonna do a 2.0 build for this one using that as a direct swap-in. Only thing you would really lose is 2 net feats and have to swap one of the domains for protection - which sucks a little but then you get evil and death for free so that makes up for it!

Regarding implosion, I am with you on all that minus one thing - implosion ignores death immunity. In this build, devcrit deals with almost anything that isn’t undead/construct. Those racial types also have death immunity almost 100% of the time. That is where implosion shines; but yes, against anything non-death immune, wail is superior. But with MoS I can have both! And a bunch of minions too!

Are their summons permanent?

March 15, 2022, 11:31:13 AM
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Summons is time limited. Good things never last.
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March 27, 2022, 11:05:31 PM
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UGGGHHHH I know!  I looked into it and saw that.  BUT I see that they summon insanely powerful undead and it looks like at the highest levels you summon a big group at once.  That sounds like a super useful thing to do when you have a tough boss battle about to happen.  Looks there is a turning check in the script that will make them turn on you occasionally.