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Author Topic: Build Suggestion Sought - Sorcerer/Dragon  (Read 2788 times)

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December 14, 2009, 07:41:26 PM

Hi All,

Returning to the PRC forums after a VERY long hiatus (was still at dladventures when I left - due to my computer no longer able to handle NWN as well as a sudden eradication of free time) and keen to enjoy the riches of the PRC again.

I was thinking of running through the OC with a Sorceror-type character, Evil, using Grimnaw as my henchman (and pixie familiar to handle locks/tracps) but was unsure of how to manage the build.  I don't like mirco-management of spells/skills at all (hence preferring Sorcerer to Wizard) and liked the idea of some sort of Dragon element in the build since I noticed a large amount of dragon-based feats and classes here now.

Basically I'm enquiring after what could be a competitive build/class to try along those lines that would work through the OC (and potentially beyond into a higher-level mod continuing that story or maybe HoTU - or whatever) and maybe would have some fun sort of element?  Doesn't necessarily have to be a magic-slinging sorc...had some kind of pyro-dragon-psycho style in mind :)

With so much content in the PRC nowadays it's a bit hard to read all the classes/feats on offer that could work...

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.