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December 17, 2009, 08:35:44 PM

So I used the Illithid as a race because I wanted to blow through the OC with a Wizard (having had problems with boredom in it before, I figured this would help me get through the early stuff for the umpteenth time), and now I'm having issues.

Whenever I equip a weapon, any weapon, my base damage never changes from 1-4. My AB will change based on what I have equipped though. Also, for some reason I seem to be getting 3 attacks a round at lvl 1-2,  with the first 2 coming quickly and consecutively and the 3rd coming afterwards as a normal iterative. And this is even with a crossbow without rapid reload. Why is this? Also, I keep getting an illithid tentacle in my inventory after resting that disappears almost immediately, or at worst, shortly after finishing (~15 seconds).

If it matters, I used the CC tool so that I could choose it in the first place, and I used the tool there to customize my character so that it used the human model. I even named my subrace "human" so that it would appear to be human in game, just with some absurd bonuses. Could this be causing the issue?

Thanks again for a great pack, have enjoyed the extra spells and feats on my previous sorc (never finished OC) and Pally (SoU to completion, was so much better than what I've seen of the OC to boot).

December 18, 2009, 04:40:12 PM
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The first issue may be related to something I have seen with dragon disciples.  Once they acquire claws, the claw damage rather than the weapon damage is always what shows up.  Perhaps Illithids, who also have natural weapons, I believe, have a similar effect.  However, check to see how much damage your character is actually doing.  The NWN character sheet does not always accurately reflect PRC features.  Also, if the problem is the same as the one I have experienced, you can clear it up using the "Select natural primary natural weapon" (or something like that).  Change this setting to "none,"  and weapon damage should show up normally.  You may need to do this periodically (such as after level up or reloading a saved game), but if the status display issue annoys you, it might be worth the little extra effort.

I haven't seen the other anomalies when I played an Illithid, but that was some time ago, so conceivably a bug could have crept into the PRC.

I think the PRC scripts pay no attention to subrace data, so I doubt that listing the subrace as human makes any difference.  I too have used a human model for Illithid characters (Illithid in disguise for role-playing purposes), but this change never produced an ill effect for me.

I have never seen the three attacks bug you describe, but perhaps someone else has.

You might want to indicate which version of the PRC you are using, and in which modules the issue shows up.  Sometimes these specifics making a big difference in the advice people may be able to give you.

October 10, 2014, 05:46:57 PM
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Sorry for the necro post, but I have encountered the same issue, I want to play as a Illithid Wizard, and he makes three attacks per round with a Crossbow, the same as the topic author have described;

I tried to deactivate the "natural weapon", by doing as the topic replyer says, but to no avail, it not work, i receive a message saying "Lost Item Illithid Tentacle Medium", but it continues with his 3 attacks, and reselecting the tentacle tag in the PRC menu also not work, it neither unnequip or equip the tentacle anymore, as the menu revert to the previous page and nothing happens, and it continues with his 3 attacks;

I tried edit the bic file with Leto 1.69 PRC, but it corrupts my save/bic file, as I not sure what I have to modify in the Advanced Editor, or how to save the file, in the Advanced Editor;

Could someone please help? I tried google it for some time, but found nothing, only this post describes exactly my problem, and the solutions in it not work for me, so I registered and posted my problem; I'm using the 3.5 version self installer of the PRC, in a fresh NWN Diamond 1.69 installation;

Thanks in advance; I Love the PRC!

October 11, 2014, 11:24:37 AM
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If that solution didn't work, I fear the problem is a little above my pay grade. The next time I'm in NWN I will load my old illithid character and see what I can see.

It seems clear that the illithid is using its natural weapons regardless of the setting for primary natural weapons. I think the difference may be that I never tried a ranged weapon with an illithid, only melee weapons.

October 13, 2014, 03:53:23 AM
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Thanks for the help.

Unfortunatly, it makes 4 attacks per round, even with melee weapons. I equipped a club, and tested.

A level 1 wizard, with +0 BAB. makes 2 attacks at +0, 1 at -5 and another at -10, whenever a melee or ranged weapon is equipped, its annoying.
I tried remove the Weapon Porficiency Creature in his feats, using leto, tried modify several things, but not work... its very frustrating.
I'm convinced that is a bug. Could you tell me, witch version of the PRC you're using, that your illithid is not bugged? Maybe if I download a previous version, it may work.

Thanks in advance...

November 03, 2014, 09:40:56 AM
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