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Author Topic: Three New Articles  (Read 16135 times)

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June 08, 2009, 02:17:10 PM

I've added three new articles taken from old forum posts to our Neverwinter Articles folder.

The first is Dragonfire Adept: My Thoughts, a long look at the Dragonfire Adept from a first time player, and an analysis of many of the available invocations and class features.

The next is Invocations: My Thoughts, probing invocation magic, mainly from a Warlock perspective. It covers each available invocation, the benefits of each, as well where some might turn out poorly. Worthwhile reading for all involved in Invocation magic.

Finally, there is Psionics, My Experiences to Date, a player's long look at psionics, psionic powers, the classes, and the experience of playing with the system. For those considering building a psion, this will point out many of the hidden benefits of the class.
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