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Author Topic: PRC 3.6 Changelist  (Read 1753 times)

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August 23, 2018, 03:26:00 PM

These are all the changes/bugfixes that will appear in PRC 3.6 (if/when it's ever released).

New Classes:
Acolyte of the Ego Truenaming prestige class
Frostrager prestige class
Duelist prestige class - All existing Duelists characters will not work in 3.6 due to extensive bug fixing
Sacred Purifier prestige class
Serene Guardian prestige class

Fixed requirements error for Pale Master
Fixed Knight of the Middle Circle Combat Sense
Fixed Brimstone Speaker and Bereft not clearing their Law of Resistance/Sequence variables
Fixed Scout Skirmish damage on ranged weapons
Fixed Swordsage Insightful Strike requirements
Tweaked Duskblade Arcane Channeling to be more player friendly
Fixed Bowman's Focus not requiring a bow
Fixed Fist of Hextor Damage stacking
Fixed Contemplative DR not working
Fixed Sohei DR and Expertise attack bonus
Fixed Utterdark Blast healing undead
Fixed Package bug Beamdog introduced with PRC base classes
Fixed Swordsage maneuver recovery conversation
Fixed Control Object psionic power
Fixed Shadow Sun Ninja Unarmed Damage and Touch of the Shadow Sun
Fixed Shifting Defense maneuver
Fixed One With Shadow maneuver
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